Thursday, March 11, 2010

Is it really possible to overuse the word "awesome"?

So after the mind-spinning news yesterday that we'll now have to travel twice to Ethiopia for our adoption instead of the expected one trip, and my reminding myself that God is in control and using the Rom. 8:28 verse that He causes all things to work together for good on my blog, I walked into my Thursday Bible Study this morning and what was written across the white board? "God is in control. He is faithful." And the ladies were reading 8 different verses relating to God being in control and faithful, including Rom. 8:28! Is God awesome, or what?

And speaking of God being awesome. The FedEx delivery man brought a very important envelope this afternoon. The FBI clearances we've waited over 10 weeks for!!! And we passed! No criminal records! I wasn't worried about that part, but I was worried after all that waiting they'd send a notice that they couldn't process my fingerprints, like the notice I got from Immigration. So getting the clearances is a huge relief and huge step closer to the waiting list for us. Now we are only waiting on one document -- our approval letter from Citizenship & Immigration Services - then we will go on the wait list and around 5 months after that be matched with a child in Ethiopia. I know there will come a time when I'll get tired of the wait list, but right now it is very much the green grass on the other side of this enormous paperwork process we've been in for nearly 6 months! And no, I don't believe it is a coincidence that we got this key piece of long-awaited paperwork the next day after getting the hard news of Ethiopia now requiring two trips. I believe it was God reaffirming this path we are on towards adoption.

I know you're sad I didn't post another picture of my mail with all its excitement, but I have a consolation prize in the form of a picture of my bathroom! My toddler is now so good at using the potty that I can even send him in to the bathroom to go by himself, which is awesome, until I go in later and it looks like this. . .

And in case you were wondering, yes I did re-roll that toilet paper back onto the spindle to be used and yes, I am too cheap to just rip off the unrolled portion and throw it away! I hope you're thinking, "Awesome, I would so re-roll that t.p. too!" and not "Gross!"

Speaking of the bathroom, my 7 year old ran in a few days ago, peed and yelled, "Mom, something awesome happened! Right when I pulled down my pants I went, so I didn’t have to wait at all!" Me: "Wow, Buddy, that is awesome!"

I don't pretend to understand the mind of a 7 year old boy!

One more funny kid statement for you. My toddler was doing something a little crazy on the stairs and I cautioned, "Be careful." To which he replied, "I try not to go to the hospital, Mommy."

"Awesome, that's really a good goal for us all!"

Spring Break starts tomorrow so I'll be doing some re-publishing of old posts for some of next week to have more time to hang out with my kids. Assuming I survive all the awesome Spring Break fun, I may post some new stuff mid to late next week.

Have an awesome weekend! And feel free to sound off in my comments on the answer to the question asked in the title.

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  1. Great news on the travel issues. I'm with you....the toilet paper gets re-rolled and used. And trust me on this, your 7 year old son is thinking very logically.

  2. I safe the tp, too!

    So glad the FedEx man brought great news!!

  3. #4--hilarious! That would be "yes" from my corner. :)

    Adoption--yay for you!

  4. Wow! Such exciting things going on! LOL! And seeing that it's your bathroom and not a public bathroom, I would have rolled it back up too. LOL!
    I pray you have a safe trip. That's got to be very exciting for you.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. #4 made me remember back when I was a kid (homeschooled). My mom was teaching a unit on the Egyptians. We got to wrap my dad up in toilet paper while my mom read to us about the process of mummification. We couldn't believe our good fortune! We used roll upon roll of toilet paper! When we were finished, my mom handed us paper grocery bags and had us collect all the tp. She lined the bags up in the hallway outside the bathroom -- for us to use.
    It may be in my genes, but I'll be re-rolling the toilet paper too when my little guys figure out that trick!

  6. Yes, of course. Roll it up. :)

    For #5, I would have been asking, "Did you clean up what didn't make it in?" and "Next time you might want to give yourself a second to spare in case your snap gets stuck..." Lol!

  7. First, no you can never use the word awesome to much, lol...That is great news on your mail. One more thing checked off the list. YAY...And the toilet paper roll? DEFINITELY roll that baby back up. haha And the mind of a 7 year old boy? Who could know it, but I love it. Have an awesome week with your kids. Hugs, Deb

  8. I love the kid comments.
    Hooray for getting the paperwork back and getting clearance! I hope the rest of the steps go smoothly!

    Happy Friday!

  9. Yes, I was thinking "Awesome, I would so re-roll that t.p. too!" I've totally done that. It's pretty awesome.

  10. Love those days when God seems to be everywhere! And, OF COURSE you should re-roll the toilet paper and use it...that's the only way it goes in my house!

  11. Yes, I would roll it up.
    I love it when I pull my pants down and can pee right away, cuz you know that delay is agonizing!!haha

    Hooray on the clearance!!Boo on the two trips!

    Overuse "Awesome?" Yes; I think it's possible. That said, I take my chances...

  12. Yay for 1 &2!

    I love #6. It is good that he tries, right?

  13. You bet I'd re-roll that tp! Been there, done that, many times. :)

  14. Awesome bathroom! I think we have the same stool in our bathroom - Ikea? We always reroll the TP.


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