Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Custom Outfit for $8.00

I made my daughter this outfit for about $8.

Used about $3.00 worth of material and $1.00 worth of ribbon to make the skirt. Followed step-by-step the free instructions you can click on at the bottom of this Oliver + S blog post.

Bought the t-shirt for about $4.00 at Target, cut out a flower from the fabric used to make the skirt, used steam-a-seam (fusible webbing) to iron it onto the shirt, and then stitched just around the inside of the flower with my sewing machine to ensure it stays attached to the shirt through many washings.

And the matching hair clip (there's a bonus hair clip in this picture that I made at the same time).
For the hair clip that matches the outfit, I cut out another flower from my fabric with my pinking shears to make the scalloped edge, put a button in the center and sewed the circle and button to a circle of felt to give the fabric some stiffness.
Then I just sewed the felt to a hair clip.

Felt and hair clips are super cheap (like pennies) and the button was an extra I already had from 10 years worth of saving buttons!

The whole outfit took me just a little over an hour and I am a beginner sewer, so that is probably really a high number! Not bad for a cute $8.00 outfit!

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  1. So cute! I love the steam a seam idea to spice up the t-shirt. Cute!

  2. cute, cute, cute. too bad i'm not crafty in the least.

    have a great week!

  3. That's really adorable and looks like something from a boutique! I used to do something similar for my daughter. I also used to make shorts with matching Ts this way for my boys, minus the hair clip, of course (LOL)! It is easy to cut a dinosaur or truck from fabric and applique it to a t-shirt.

  4. So cute! I love how you added the flower to the shirt to tie them all together as an outfit!

  5. Super cute! I have that fabric and love it. The applique idea is super sweet! :)


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