Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random on a Friday

My daughter has been 5 for all of 9 days, we're in the laundry room (actually it's more of a laundry hallway, but that's not the point) she points to the washer and says, "When I was four I used to climb up there." I nod my head remembering well her monkey-like antics. Then she tells me, "I did lots of crazy things when I was four!"

Oh, the hindsight 9 days can bring!


Speaking of things kids say, my 3 year old is trying something new with his daddy. I've been parenting for 7.5 years now through 3 kids and while I would never consider myself an expert, (actually it's the opposite, the more I learn the more I realize I still need to learn) but, I will say I've seen some kid tactics in my time. You know, things kids say or do to try to get their way or to get a rise out of their parent. But my 3rd child has taken it to a whole 'nother level.

When he's upset with my husband because he didn't get to do something he wanted to or because he got sent to "time-out" he says, "I don't love you anymore!" over and over again.

I'm not sure why I've been spared the experience of being directed that lovely line, but I've overheard it a few times. Seriously, what 3 year old says that? Shouldn't we at least have teenagers in the house before we're dealing with that?!!

I've gotten the question and am so sorry I left this out of my Chalkboard Paint Post, but I ordered my Chalkboard paint here in the black color. It is made by the company Plaid that also makes Mod Podge. I got that kind because I'd heard it was non-toxic and that many of the other chalkboard paint products are not, seeing as how I have young children and you just never know what they are going to put in their mouths, I wanted non-toxic. But, it didn't work as well on glass as I think some of the other brands might; I had to really glop on the paint for it to stick to the glass jars.

While writing this blog post I got an email from a friend saying she was in labor. Is there anything more awesome than that? I mean labor is awesome and then the obviousness that this is her 3rd child to deliver so she has the mind to sit down and email all her friends to pray for her when her labor begins! My reply? "I'm praying! Now go take a shower and have a snack because you know they won't let you do those things once you get to the hospital until that baby comes out!"


I posted a long time ago about having a hard time figuring out an answer to the question I was getting since we announced our adoption plans. The question was/is (just heard the scenario again last weekend from a friend) "I want to adopt but my husband isn't on board." She hasn't written part 2 yet, but in her "Reluctant Husband Syndrome - Part1" Amy has written the best post I've read yet on this topic!


You know you're ending summer with a bang when you and your kids have eaten pizza for the majority of the meals in the last week -- there was the dinner at the baseball game, dinner with friends at the pool, lunch at the Studio Movie Grill while we watched a $1 summer movie -- there's just nothing easier or more universally liked than pizza!


I took off my earrings at the end of the day and noticed they looked like this:

The picture's a bit blurry, but you get the idea, right?

I blame all the chlorine I've been exposed to this summer!


Have a wonderful, matching earring kind of weekend!


  1. Hope your friend had/is having a wonderful birthing experience. LOVE that she emailed you!

    We love chalkboard paint in this house. :o)

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Well I guess at that age 9 days is an eternity! That is some fascinating insight into the mind of a 5 year old, though :)

    Mmmm, who doesn't love pizza? I was just thinking this morning that it sounded really good for dinner, but felt bad about it because we had it on Wednesday and we're having it tomorrow. I guess there's no such thing as "too much pizza."

  3. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I heart chalkboard paint in a big way! Thanks for the info!

    Mmmm, pizza :)

    At least you had TWO earrings in. Sadly on more than one occasion, I've gone out with just 1. 1! Blah.

  4. One day, when Kyle was five or six, he spat out, "I hate you!" and then looked at me defiantly, waiting for me to wilt. I replied, "Yeah, well I don't like you very much right now, either." If he were a balloon, he would have been put in the garbage.haha Today (age 18) he remembers that moment vividly; it really threw him for a loop.

    Loved the 5-year-old reflection--Too cute.

    I have so done the mixed-up-earrings thing. I've even gone to work with only ONE earring. (no one noticed!)

    Thanks for linking up :)

  5. Love your advice to your laboring friend. Made me laugh out loud. :) You are SO right! Hope she is doing well!

    The last time I cooked a family meal was about two weeks ago. Once we hit soccer season, it's catch as catch can. Usually cereal or chicken patties. Pizza is sounding good. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. OMG the earrings crack me up! I feel like I have not had a healthy meal in forever. We had 2 traumas this summer and spent 42 days at 2 different hospitals. You would think they would have healthy choices in hospital cafeterias.
    I hope every thing went well with the baby. I thought I was so smart when I went into labor with my 3rd. Got a shower, did my nails, had husband do the toes, cleaned my house and did laundry. My daughter was born in the car in the hospital parking lot. Hubby ran in to get help and the 2 people that came out with him just stood there screaming. It is so funny now but it was so scary cause the chord was around her neck. I have know idea how I knew what to do!
    Have a great week!
    P.S. my 4th child was adopted and if I could I would have adopted many more!

  7. "Remember when I was little, Mom?" We get that all the time around here... love it! :)

    At least you put earrings in; my holes will likely close up if I don't kick it in gear with that!

  8. I too have worn earrings all day only to take them off at night to realize they weren't a match. Heck, I have even gone out with two different shoes on. OOPS!


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