Monday, August 9, 2010


Baby Girl, you will be 5 tomorrow.

And I can hardly believe it.

To say that you've made my world brighter these last 5 years would be such an understatement! You have lit up my world with sunshine I couldn't even have imagined!

You are sweet, loving, precious, kind, and helpful. Your Daddy and I are so proud of you and thankful you are our daughter!

Your brothers adore you and I never cease to be impressed that you are not only a great little sister but a wonderful big sister, too!

You love roller coasters, chocolate anything, ice cream, hot dogs, fruit, pickles, having your toenails painted (especially if one foot can be pink and one purple!), your dollies, your blankies, reading (and oh, how we are amazed that you mastered reading even chapter books by yourself before turning 5!), gymnastics, dance, swimming, pretty much anything that gets you wet, animals, and packing a bag full of stuff to take with you on even the shortest outings!

I love your sweet heart. You are always quick to think of others, worrying, "Where will Daddy eat dinner?" when he's out of town for work. You were the first one to verbalize that absolutely we should adopt, "We could share our home with them . . ."

I pray this is the year, the year you are 5, that your dream for a little sister will come true.

Happy birthday darlin' girl, I'm so grateful to be your Mommy!

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  1. best birthday wishes for your little beauty!

  2. Hope she has a very happy day!

  3. What a wonderful post and tribute to your precious girl...I am soo impressed! Chapter books before she's 5! WOW....such a worthy accomplishment. ENJOY every minute of this gift from Him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweetie and may all her dreams come true...

  4. What a special letter to your little girl! Make sure to print it out and save it for her! Enjoy your day with her!

    Happy Gratituesday~


  5. what a sweet way to show your little one you love them. They grow way to fast and for all the years my children have grown I am thankful

  6. Happy Birthday to your little sweetie!


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