Monday, August 23, 2010

Her First Day of Kindergarten

I'm so proud of us!

Not only did my daughter and I both survive her first day of kindergarten, but we did it without a tear between us!!

Praise God for a great first day for not only my new kindergartener but my 2nd grader as well, who spent the afternoon after he got home from school saying, "I can't wait until tomorrow!" because he's so excited to go back.

3 Things I'd like to say about this first day of school 2010 picture:

1. I do realize I cut off their heads, that's intentional because as much as I want to, I try not to show my children's current faces on my blog (maybe a baby photo that could look like anyone's baby). I do this for various reasons and I may change my mind on this someday, but for now, that's the way it is.

2. Notice my son's arm around his little sister's shoulders? So sweet and I promise nobody told him to do that. There really is just nothing like having a big brother at elementary school. Now when they're both in the same middle school or high school one day, they may be less than thrilled with the idea of being at the same school, but for now they think it's pretty cool! I loved hearing about how they saw each other and said "hi" on the playground as the 2nd graders were heading in from recess and the kindergarteners were coming out!

3. Did you notice the smiling faces on my daughter's feet? Oh sweet mercy, this picture is proof that I can, occasionally, pick my battles in this parenting war.

Here's the story, remember my daughter's crazy sock love I posted about here? Well, while I was in Target a few days ago, I found some socks that were crazy on the bottom part that should be covered by the shoe but had a perfectly acceptable light pink or hot pink band around the top part that would be seen outside the shoe, so I bought them in the hopes of pleasing both my crazy-sock-loving-daughter and my I-want-my-daughter-to-look-cute-not-crazy self. But, the plan back-fired big time.


Because I forgot one of the two pairs of school shoes my daughter had, the silver sparkly ones she most wanted to wear the first day, were MARY JANES, meaning the top part of her foot would totally show!

She happily put on those smiling froggy socks and strapped on her silver sparkly Mary Janes this morning when I realized the complete failure in my thinking. There those smiley faces were smiling up at me so perfectly showing between the strap and the shoe part of those Mary Jane shoes!

I ran to the sock drawer and brought her a pair of solid hot pink socks and suggested she wear those instead. But she would have none of it, she began to get upset, tears threatened, and y'all . . .

I backed off!

Even my 3 year old was on my side. He pointed out, as only a little brother can, "Your friends are going to laugh at your silly socks!"

She hesitated, but still didn't waiver in her choice.

And the irony of the fact that I pray for my kids to be able to stand strong and make choices they feel best even if it means people laugh at them was not at all lost on me in that moment!

So, I let her go to her first day of kindergarten with those crazy smiling feet!

Boy, does God use our children to refine us or what?

**If you'd like to travel back a couple years and read about his first day of kindergarten, it's here.

This post is part of the Moms' 30-Minute Blog Challenge.


  1. I am a mom that chooses not to fight many of these battles. My daughter has been known to be seen in a few crazy outfits, but she walks proud and loves the attention. So I love the socks. I am glad that I am not the only mother that lets these battles go.

  2. I have been letting my older two brush their own hair for school...the socks seem tame in comparison! ;) Sweet photo of the two of them.

  3. i LOVE her socks :) but of course i am saying that as a mama whose daughter did not wear them to the first day of school. you did much better than i would have :) glad you BOTH survived the first day of kindergarten- quite an accomplishment!

  4. My son started Kindergarten last Wednesday, and it was wonderful. He lvoes it. It makes me very, very happy.

    Good for you for (not) picking the battle. :)

  5. I love the socks and the fact that you choose your battles. This one was soo not worth it, haha...Glad the first day went well for you both. I confess I did cry on my daughter's first day of KG...probably cuz she was my last one and an era was coming to an end. I had at least one child at home for me for 13 years and it was finally over. I waited till I got out of her sight though at least, haha. I have a pic of her standing there in her little dress and bow I had made her for the occasion and the look on her face brings tears to my eyes to this day. She was sadly waving as she was somewhat apprehensive of the whole thing. The first of soo many firsts...ENJOY this time...

  6. I'm SO glad they had wonderful days!! And no tears? You are a stronger mama than I. Lol! The smiling feet, btw, are my favorite part of her outfit. :)

  7. i have a kindergartner (li'l gal) and second grader (son) too, and it does my heart good knowing he keeps a brotherly eye out for her.

    ps i think you're a wise mama for letting her win that sock battle. good on ya.

  8. I was just like your daughter when I was a kid. Now my own daughter, 3, tells me that her clothes don't look right together. I'm like "what?" I totally thought that looked great.
    Hopefully your daughter won't end up with my fashion sense.

  9. I think those socks are adorable, and that your daughter is brilliant for wearing shoes that let the little faces peek through! Be glad she is not like my kid who wears plaid with strips, refuses to wear a jacket when there's FROST on the ground, wears sweaters when it's get the idea. I figure if she's WEARING clothes, we're doing good...


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