Monday, August 16, 2010

If You Give a Girl Some Chalkboard Paint. . .

I warned you over a week ago, that some chalkboard paint had arrived in the mail. Ever read the book "If you Give a Mouse A Cookie"?

It started off innocently enough, an unused picture frame I took the glass out and painted the cardboard backing with a few coats of the paint (waiting about an hour between coats), and ta-da! -- instant way to post random messages around the house!

Then I moved on to the jars I'd been using to store dry goods in the pantry. I used some painter's tape to section off a rectangle and painted a few coats.
and transformed the jars into label-lover happiness!

Of course now I needed a jar to hold all the chalk!

Next came the plastic bins from Ikea that house toys on a shelf in the playroom. I used heavy-duty card stock (recycled from the back of last year's Christmas cards -- I knew my packrat ways of saving even all the Christmas cards that come in the mail would come in handy some day!), painted on a few coats and cut them to fit and then used permanent double-sided tape to attach the label to the bin.

Painted some cardboard castles and tied them to bins in my daughter's closet.
Painted a few other random things that I didn't get good pictures of.

And guess what?

Still one-and-a-half jars of the chalkboard paint left!
What's a girl to do?

A wall!

I need to paint a wall!

First the sanding:
And more sanding -- the big guns this time (side note: don't you just love summer when your kids can go all day without getting their hair fixed?!!!)
Painted on about 3 coats of the paint:

Waited 24 hours and then had the perfect spot for my kids to write, draw, or for me to leave notes for them! Instant sunshine and flowers added to my kitchen!

These were really fun projects and I'm loving all the new chalkboard surfaces, and grateful for a family that not only puts up with, but even assists with my wacky projects!

After all that guess what was written on the board where I'm going to display the dinner menu?

Can you believe I still have half a jar of the paint left?!!!

This post is part of the Moms' 30-Minute Blog Challenge.


  1. These are all lovely! I have a number of projects waiting on chalkboard paint.... I think my hubby is worried it will adorn everything once I get started!!

  2. How are giving me ideas already! :) Hmmmm.
    I love all your little helpers...what a great time for a fun family project. :)

  3. Fun ideas! I am loving all the chalkboard paint ideas I'm seeing around blogs lately. We're getting ready to move and I'm saving these ideas for when we get settled!

  4. It's really funny you posted this today. I picked up my old chalkboard easel that my grandpa made me when I was a kid from my mom's house tonight. I plan to pick up chalkboard paint tomorrow. Now you have given me SO MANY cool ideas to use it on!! :) My husband will thank you. (sarcasm...hee hee)

  5. That is a fun idea. You can use over and over again!

  6. I can't wait to buy me some chalkboard paint! I want to do mason jars for sure! Thanks for linking up to "AP Tuesdays" @ New Nostalgia!

  7. So fun! Good thing I don't have chalkboard paint since I am in a very crafty mood right now :-)

  8. Great idea :) I've never heard of chalkboard paint, and never thought about it.

  9. Everything you painted looked great. I'm afraid if I painted a wall in our schoolroom it would look like a project gone bad. Great job.

  10. Very cute!! I love chalkboard almost as much as you do!! :) Great Job!

    ...I'm visiting from Sassy Sites! Come by and say HI! Your blog is adorable! I'm a follower!

  11. Looooooove the chalkboard paint!! And I'm soooo excited you're going to read Radical again with us!! Woooohooooo!!!

  12. Very cool! I especially like the castle cutouts.

  13. I used the chalkboard in a picture frame as teachers gifts.

  14. AH! Look at all those wonderful chalkboard paint ideas! I can't get enough of that stuff! Wonderful job on all those -- love the ideas! :)

  15. Me thinks I need to play with this paint. Where did you find it? Love all your projects. :)

  16. I've been wanting to try some chalkboard paint projects. My hubby just picked me up 2 cans of spray chalkboard paint! So, I just had to check out your projects! Great job! Can't wait to try my paint!

  17. My chalkboard paint is made by the company Plaid that makes Modge Podge. I ordered it over the internet and choose it because it is non-toxic. Having young kids around you never know what's going in their mouths!

  18. Just wanted to let you know, I linked this in my recent post:

    One of my readers asked me how the paint holds up to washing on the jars. Since I haven't tried my paint yet, I don't know. Have you washed your jars since painting them?

  19. Your post was very popular this week at "AP Tuesdays" I will be featuring you tomorrow! Thanks for linking up such a great post!


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