Monday, November 29, 2010

Tackling the Christmas Shopping

I wrote a post last year titled The Colossal Christmas Conspiracy about the true meaning of Christmas being so lost in the commercial spending mentality. And how Americans spend 450 billion dollars on Christmas every year. More people die from lack of clean drinking water every day than anything else. It would cost 10 billion dollars to make clean water available to everyone. So, we are choosing to spend money on stuff at the expense of lives!

My husband and I challenged ourselves to spend 50% less on Christmas last year and give away the money saved to people truly in need.

I'm happy to say we did it and loved it!!

And we're doing it again this year!

The true meaning of Christmas was definitely more felt in our household as we reflected on what Jesus would really want for His birthday, as we talked about giving more than getting, as we spent more time and money shopping for strangers.

And I had less clutter to find a home for once Christmas was over and clean up from the rest of the year!

Now we do buy
some gifts for our kids, for friends and family, we are just spending less and trying to make things more meaningful. Also, we look for the gifts we buy to at least go to a good cause when possible.

I just got my daughter and niece the cutest, super cheap necklaces with their initials from this site and the best part? All of the proceeds (100%!!!) go to help provide clean water to thousands living in Ethiopia! Awesome! And a secondary benefit to visiting their blog is that you can admire adorable Grace adopted from Ethiopia this past summer!

For more gifts that will benefit great causes, check out this link and this link for lists of Christmas gifts you can buy and help fund a family's adoption. You'll get a gift to give and be helping a child gain a forever family!

And all proceeds from gifts bought at the Mercy House Shop will go to fund a maternity home in Kenya, Africa.



  1. This sounds like a wonderful idea, and I admire that you are teaching your kids a valuable lesson along the way. It really is soo much better to give rather than receive. We've cut WAY WAY back these last couple of years as well. Everyone gets 1 thing from Grandma (it used to be at least 3) and they never noticed the difference. I applaud your efforts. HUGS

  2. What a fabulous idea! We're having a Thrifty Christmas this year. Everything has to come from a Thrift Store or Yard Sale or Handmade from stuff you already have. I agree about focusing on the real reason for celebrating Christmas. Thanks for sharing! Happy Tuesday! :)

  3. Wonderful idea! And I'll have to check out the sites you mentioned!


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