Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's December 1st!

December 1st is eating me alive!

Seriously, so many things demanding my attention.

But only
one that really matters.

This season, the days leading up to Christ's birth,

how is it that we've managed to complicate it so much with the frenzy?

And 5 of the invitations in my email in-box awaiting a reply and promise of a baked good are from church/Christian groups!

So, I'll say "no" to a lot.

But still, likely, "yes" to too much.

But for now, on this December 1st?

I'm thankful that Jesus doesn't care

how attractively wrapped the presents are,

which dessert I make or even if I make one at all,

if we attend all the Christmas parties or none,

if I *gasp* even forget to RSVP at all to a few of the Evites,

that I got the notice in the mail that the kids are due for a dental cleaning in December and I said, "No way, it's waiting until January!",

or that later in the day when I saw the dentist office number come up on the caller id I ignored the phone to avoid dealing with scheduling an appointment at all,

or that I took my 3 year old with me this morning to drop off my older kids at elementary school, walking all the way in the school and back out again, looking like this:

Snowflake footie jammies tucked into tennis shoes! Now if that's not an outfit full of Christmas cheer, then I don't know what is! And yes, apparently, I have no shame anymore, or at least not at 7:50AM!

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  1. I LOVE it...I hope the ensemble was complete with hair sticking up every which way, haha...

    You know when I was your age I always thought SOME day I will be sooo on top of Christmas but not when my kids are soo young and my time soo limited. Well here I am 30 years later and I am STILL wondering how it will all get done and what I can eliminate without hurting feelings etc. And yet, I look at others around me whose decorations went up BEFORE Thanksgiving, shopping (and wrapping) are done, cards in the mail and they are planning on JUST enjoying the season...sigh...SOME day. Have a good day. HUGS

  2. I love his pjs! =) So cute!! I hope things get a little less crazy for you.

  3. HA HA! I'm a reader you don't know, but I always love your posts, because they remind me of my own household. I loved this. I looked much like your child, walking my daughter in late to school this morning with sock feet and jammies...oh yes, I did. Only my jammies aren't as cool and festive. :)

    I identify most definitely with the "chaos" of it all, too -- read my blog post today if you have a sec to see what I mean!

    Hang in there! :)


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