Thursday, December 30, 2010

Big Plans!

We drove a ways out of town tonight to see a big Christmas lights display and my husband could not resist stopping off here on the way home:

Now mind you we live inside the limits of a city with rules, so we only left with sparklers and those snap things that pop when you throw them down, but we have 3 young children, let's face it, that's about as crazy as New Year's Eve gets.

We may even mix up a little apple juice and Sprite!

For the record, the inside of that Fireworks Warehouse was a strange place -- think boxes and boxes containing all manner of explosives with crazy, sometimes obscene-sounding names, and specific well-posted rules that customers are not allowed to touch any of the fireworks until after they have been paid for -- really glad we trotted our 3 little ones through it!

Happy New Year!

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  1. Doesn't get much better! ENJOY...Happy New Year to you and your precious family...May the New Year bring us all closer to Him. HUGS


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