Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Icing on the Cake

I made a cake last night for a Christmas dinner I went to tonight. I iced it this morning with the help of my 3 year old who was standing on a chair helping me. When I finished I handed him the beater so he could lick it, and then I set to cleaning up the kitchen. I looked back over a couple minutes later and this is what I saw:
Totally reclined on the chair he'd been standing on, using his Big Duke as a pillow and licking off the icing!

So hilarious, but I'm telling you, that kid knows how to do life!


My daughter's kindergarten teacher is going to Egypt over the Christmas break and she's been telling the class about pyramids and the Valley of the Kings and apparently about mummies because I overheard my daughter telling her little brother yesterday, "And when you die they wrap your body up in toilet paper!"


My 7 year old just finished another class project and I'm happy to say this time we really did not help him much at all! The tiny shred of a perfectionist that's left in me can hardly stand to look at the poster because it is, well, far less than attractive, but nobody can argue that it's not a 2nd grader's work!


Nobody hold your breath, but we did get the Christmas cards ordered last weekend and they arrived in the mail this week, so we just may get some addressed this weekend . . . or maybe not. And can I go ahead and confess that the outside lights are not up either?

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  1. that pic - it doesn't get better than that!
    outside lights - the weather didn't cooperate this year so unless there is a heat wave after this frigid wave coming next - no outside lights

  2. There used to be a time when people put their Christmas tree up on Christmas Eve and the lights were just luminarias and they were lit on Christmas Eve as well. There's still 15 days before the big day and if you enjoy the lights through January, then that's another 30 days there. You still have time :)

    Love the pic of your son - what a hoot!

    Kristin _ The Goat

  3. Heck, my decorations are up until February...there's plenty of time...

    Don't know where you live, but in Central New York it's going to heat up to a warm, toasty 30 degrees tomorrow!

    Visiting from Friday Frags- have a great weekend!

    P.S. Don't forget about my blog hop today!

  4. yay for you and the cards!!! i may not get them out again this year, good grief!!

    i love the beater picture!! so like a boy and his sugar smack!

    i love your daughter's discussion on ancient egypt!! that is hilarious!!! we love history here and it cracks me up the parts that they hang on to...

    no outside lights up here, but the garland fairy threw up all over my entry way... then the 3yr old wanted to help 'fix' it... yea :-(

  5. Hilarious picture!

    When my daughter (3rd grade) does her projects, I'm usually happy because it looks better than it would if I actually did help. I very "art challenged" ;-)

  6. Love the picture of your son licking the frosting! I remember doing that too! Good luck on getting your cards mailed and lights up!

    Stopping by from FF.

  7. Oh I love the pic of your son...soo how I like to lick a beater full of frosting too...haha. Our outside lights are NOT working again...what a challenge it has been this year for some reason. Have a wonderful week-end. HUGS

  8. Your pic is priceless! He is thoroughly enjoying that beater! I always hated school projects! It's almost impossible not to jump in and help!

  9. Oh yeah, that picture is a testament to that child's ability to enjoy life. May he never lose that ability.

  10. Visiting from Mrs. 4444's. That pic is so great!

    I have my tree up and decorated but the wrapped gifts still remain in the closet until we get closer to Christmas and we have no lights up outside...LOL my hubby doesn't want to "ruin" the house with staples!

  11. I love your 3 yr. old. My kind of man. BTW, you left the best comment on my blog about telling you all about my referral. Too funny!


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