Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Focusing on the Joy

There have been a few things hard this holiday season, painfully hard.

My mom is now a shell of her former self, the dementia has already taken so much and somehow that's easier to bear when it is not Christmas.

My dad who is divorced from my mom and married another woman about 16 years ago, he and his wife have not been very supportive of our adoption plans, but we'd thought they had come around in recent months, a pre-Christmas visit and a gift in particular revealed that to definitely not be the case.

Then there's the adoption waiting, that has very admittedly gone on longer than we ever imagined it would.

And today an email with unexpeted news that makes the wait longer and more uncertain.

But, I'm trying not to focus on those things, because then I'd miss all the joy going on around me.
One of the only things my daughter asked for was a "baby doll that was the size of a real baby". We got her one that wears real 3 month old baby clothes, so on Christmas Eve I dug out the storage tub with the baby girl clothes and oh the joy at washing those precious things again! (Although, I did have to soak about half the clothes overnight to get out some spit-up stains that strangely reappeared during storage --- I know I washed them before storing them away! But, my daughter was my worst spit-up baby of the three!) So I was finishing the baby girl wash even on Christmas and my husband was like, "You're doing wash on Christmas?!!" "Yeah, but this is fun wash!"

Here's my girl with her real baby sized doll!

And all her old 3 month old clothes really do fit that doll. Oh, how much fun we've had changing that baby's clothes! Here's the baby on Christmas day in the Christmas jammies that my daughter wore for her first Christmas!

My daughter was a little upset when her new doll wouldn't fit in the dolly crib with the other dolls. I had to reminder her that it was a doll-sized crib and that her new doll was real baby sized! I did draw the line at dragging the real baby crib out of storage but appeased my daughter by getting out the Moses basket for "Baby Olive" (my daughter named her that) to sleep in.

But seriously, how sweet is this baby doll?!! And no spit-up, 2 am feedings or overflowing diapers!

In case you want one for your own home (and you know you do):

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  1. How cute - glad you all had a merry Christmas!

  2. Not to put the pressure on you but I very often visit your blog to get grounded. Before I posted last night I came here first searching for some support and saw your beautiful family Christmas photo so I couldn't post about my frustration :) We are so close on the waitlist so I always check your blog first hoping you got your referral so then I imagine mine to be next :) I too pray for all involved in this process but lately I'm embarrassed to say my praying sounds alot like begging.

    Love that baby doll - might just have to get one for myself!

  3. You have a beautiful family. Hang in there. Yeah, I know, easy for me to say. Happy Wednesday!

  4. Beautiful family!
    Cute doll!
    Happy Wednesday!

  5. Your Christmas sounds wonderful in spite of the frustrations and disappointments and trials of life. I am sorry about your mom...I think I know how you are feeling about that to a degree as my own precious mom just is no longer herself either. She was soo sick on Christmas Day that I tried to get her to stay home and yet was soo glad she didn't. Just would be soo hard to have "Christmas" without her. The doll is PERFECT...and how wonderful that all those clothes fit her. Your kids by the tree is an adorable pic. The waiting is no doubt sooo hard, and yet everyday brings you a day closer. Enjoy the rest of this week. HUGS

  6. Hi there, I'm rooting for you! I think what you are doing is wonderful and a child will be blessed to be in your home. I have 5 grown children and one granddaughter. I don't know where you live but if you need an adopted nana...I know where you can find one! Visit me at NanaHood. Blessings to you! Teresa

  7. As a fellow waiting family from Texas who received that same email last night. It is sometimes hard to focus on all the joy. I try and remind myself to not dwell on the things that I can't control. It is so hard though. I really enjoy your blog!


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