Sunday, January 30, 2011

The End of the Doggy Name Debate

I expected the debate to go on for another week, the doggy name debate, that is.

But, then the breeder sent me an email late Saturday asking what the puppy's name was, and rather than have her suspect we may be unfit puppy parents with not yet having decided on a name, I pressed my family, "We have to decide!"

We had pretty much narrowed it down to two names anyway. And by this morning all 3 of my children and my husband were in agreement (amazing!).

The new puppy's name is . . .


Yes, you do pronounce the end "line" not "lynn",

I know, I know, a bit fussy of a name for a dog, but:

we do like human names for our dogs,

our last dog was Isabella,

Madeline sounds a bit like Caroline, no? (compromise with a 5 year old girl is no small feat!)

we love the Madeline books (you know "In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines, live twelve little girls in two straight lines. . .") and recently saw a
Madeline play,

and the little girl Madeline has reddish hair just like our little puppy!

we've always got the option to call her "Maddie" if Madeline gets too cumbersome during training,

and it's way better than "Doggy", which the 3 year old suggested!


  1. That's a great name!! Can't wait to see the new puppy pictures. :)

  2. Sounds like a really good name! I like dogs with people names. It's better than calling her Doggy! LOL!

  3. So cute... We love to give our animals less than average names as well.. I love Madeline - We actually got our second puppy, Audrey, because her breed is featured in the Fancy Nancy books :)

  4. I like that name. Most of our pets have people names, and we have an Isabella too.


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