Thursday, March 10, 2011

If this doesn't make any sense, I blame the steroids.

My 5 year old daughter has an awesome solution for the puppy-getting-on-the-couch-and-curling-up-like-she's-the-comfiest-she's-ever-been-in-her-entire-life problem.

Recently my daughter declared, "I know! We could just get a new couch and let her have this one."

I told you it was awesome.


Speaking of the puppy how is it that in only 5 weeks we've had her she has grown into this:

My 8 year old son can barely hold her!

I'm kinda worried that even though the breeder said she'd be 35lbs max. we might have a Clifford on our hands. You know, like having to build her, her own house out back when she grows too big for ours!


On a positive training note, Madeline the puppy now not only toilet papers the house but she can take the roll completely off the spindle, so there's hope that with just a bit more training there could possibly be someone else in this house besides me that changes the toilet paper roll when it's empty!


On another positive progress front, my 3 year old son has the job of putting napkins on the table every night before dinner, and we were consistently getting either 3 napkins or 7 napkins for our family of 5 people, but now his counting is getting better and nearly every night there are 5 napkins!

His method cracks me up though. We use cloth napkins (less for the environment than for my desire to eliminate items from my shopping list, but the environment is a plus too, and yeah-yeah I know, I waste water washing them but I can assure you my washing machine runs daily with or without cloth napkins thrown in!) and the napkin drawer looks like this:
Now if you or I were going to set the table, we would most likely grab 5 of the same color/style napkins, but not my 3 year old, I watch him do it and he just wildly grabs, like he's thinking, "One of these, one of these, two of these, aaaaaand one of these -- Done!" It totally reminds me of the argument I used to have with my firstborn son about why a navy shirt should not be worn with navy shorts. He was all, "It's navy and navy. It matches!" At least my 3 year old is my 3rd child and now I'm too tired for silly debates, I'm just like, "Five napkins! Great job, Buddy!" See, being the 3rd child is not all bad!


Tomorrow brings the beginning of Spring Break for us, so I'm not going to be blogging much new stuff next week, maybe some re-runs, maybe not, we'll see. I'm thinking of kicking off the Spring Break fun with these, but I've been fighting this bronchitis/sinusitis dynamic duo for weeks and weeks now (just began my 2nd course of antibiotics and steroids, hopefully this time it gets knocked out) so I have not been doing the Shred workout much lately (but really with the steroids on board I ought to be doing the Shred I might could even show Jillian a thing or two!), and what are the chances I could make Oreo brownies for the kids and not eat any myself?


For everyone waiting to bring a child home from Ethiopia, this post from Babe of My Heart is wonderful! It is kinda long if you don't have time (or are on steroids and now have the attention span of your 3 year old) you may want to scroll towards the end to the part about faith and Lazarus. Such good truth!

And everybody should go watch the video at the end of this post at Good to Be Crazy. Seriously it will MAKE your day!


Happy Friday!

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  1. Love the solution for the dog on the couch! Funny about the napkins but like that you just go with it-at least he gets the right amount which is progress!

    Stopping by from FF.

  2. oh my goodness, my very good friend in TX is waiting for her court date for her kiddos in ethiopia!! i can't wait to share that with her!

    if your pooch does become clifford, my kids would be so jealous! our dog is a big one, and they still ask why he didn't get as big as the house... i ask them what would we feed him???

    your son cracks me up, i love that about boys!! 'keeping it simple' is their motto and i love them for it!

  3. I enjoyed this as the couch solution, haha...I think the fact that you have a 3 year old doing a regular chore where he has learned to count out 5 is GREAT!! matching colors can come later...Have a wonderful week-end. Hope you feel 100% soon!

  4. I have had that same conversation about navy and navy not matching with my daughter!

  5. Oh, puppies! I have a teeny-tiny Yorkie Poo who is a major pain. LOL! And, yeah. I have a 4 year old daughter who's solution is to get new things. She wanted a Toyota Highlander for her birthday...

  6. The napkin selection cracks me up! Love it!
    Enjoy your spring break!

  7. They do make dog couches, but I think they are only for "petite" dogs-lol!

    My puppy- almost a year old...will pick up pennies, tacks, screws, drill bits,'s a constant chase around here!

    He gets half of the stuff off of the night stand- leave it to a man to have a drill bit and screws on his nightstand!

    And...who cares if the napkins match? 1/2 my dishes don't since combining 2 households years ago and raising 5 kids! Most of the matching stuff has broken over the years. The youngest kid is now 13...MAYBE we can buy a new set of matching dishes now ......

    Anyway, I'm visiting from Friday Fragments.

    Check out The Blogging Buddies...dedicated visitors and comments! I think you would like it!

    Have a fun weekend!


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