Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Puppy Who Loves Taking Baths

The last few weeks we've had an escalating situation on our hands with Madeline the puppy.

She has decided she really, really LOVES taking a bath.

I think it started the day she had two baths in one day, remember when we bathed her for the grandparents coming to visit and then an hour later my 5 year old spilled an entire cup off milk on the dog who was sitting under her chair at dinner and the dog got a 2nd bath in one day? Well, now she thinks she ought to be bathed often.

And honestly I'm doing good to make sure my children get bathed nearly every day, I can't do daily dog baths, too!

We've gotten used to having to close the door when the kids are in the bathtub because she will jump in and then her furry, furry self has to be blown dry!

But, recently there's a whole new level to the madness.

Now she jumps into the empty bathtub a few times each day and BARKS, as if calling out, "Come bathe me!!"

I snapped this picture today after investigating the barking, but I knew it's likely reason and sure enough, this is what I found as the source of the barking and carrying-on.

And the answer is "NO, no bath, not today!" This isn't a doggie spa!

I am left shaking my head at the chaos and wondering if God hand-selected this puppy because her personality fit us or if she would be totally normal in someone else's household and
we're the ones making her so crazy!

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  1. Hahaha! This is so stinkin cute!! Would make a great children's book:)

  2. Agree with what Deborah said - definite children's book material...

  3. So cute! My dog won't get anywhere near a bath tub!

  4. That is too funny and so cute. I'm with Kathleen; our dog avoids bathtubs at all costs!

  5. LOL..That's so funny, and adorable! :)

    Love it!

  6. Ok, that picture is too much! Laughing out loud!


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