Thursday, March 17, 2011

Super Fun, Super Crazy!

Anyone else officially NOT switched over to Daylight Savings Time yet?

I think it's the fact that it fell the 1st Saturday of our Spring Break and we were on vacation for a few days and then came home 1 night before some out of town family came to visit with very close in age cousins for my kids to play with. And the fun and activities have been non-stop!

We can't manage to eat dinner much earlier than 7pm which I rationalize is really 6pm and get the kids to bed before 9pm which I tell myself is like hitting their regular 8pm bedtime just before spring forward. But, man, we gotta switch over or the real world is going to eat us alive come Monday morning!!


It has been good, though, all the fun times and I've still been able to tackle some spring cleaning along with the fun fest. Would you believe me if I said I painted about half the inside of my house before we left for vacation last Saturday?

We had a bunch of cabinets, baseboards, stair rail rungs, window sills, and trim around doorways that had gotten so nicked up over the last 4 years living here with 3 young kids. But, the trim paint is a thicker type paint that doesn't dry quickly like wall paint does, as in it takes over 24 hours to stop being soft! So, when would we ever be able to paint it that a child (or puppy) wouldn't be rubbing into it before it was dry?

I figured out the solution! We'll paint the night before we leave on our trip and then wake the kids up in the morning, quickly load them in the car without anyone touching anything and then be gone for a few days while it all dried! Awesome idea! Why didn't we think of it before?!!!

As it turns out, taping in preparation for painting takes a long time, so that was all we got done the night before our trip. "No worries," we thought, "Surely the taping took the longest, now we'll just slap some paint on in the morning while the kids and dog play outside."

Well, the painting took a while, too, and it takes even longer when you are a not-all-the-way-recovered-perfectionist (occasionally it rears its head), like me, and just keep finding more and more areas to paint. And when you decide instead of touch-up painting a door or cabinet it would really just look better to repaint the whole thing!

I drove my husband very near to the brink of insanity as he begged me to finish so we could leave and I kept promising "just a little more". But, we did still make it out of town shortly after lunch, our marriage survived, and I am totally loving the new paint job now that we're back home!!!

But. . . . there are some spots I missed so I'm already formulating plans for prior to our next trip. Shhhh, don't tell my husband!


My little super heroes (sporting capes they won in midway games) don't know it yet, either, but tomorrow is going to be rest and doing wash and a day without eating hot dogs or pizza. Whether they like it or not we're powering back into real life!
I mean, even Batman and Supergirl had regular, ordinary lives some of the time, too!

Have a Super weekend!

Mommy's Idea


  1. My Mom is known to break out the paint for just a touch up and end up painting all of the trim in the house. Funny how that happens.

    I don't tape anymore. I have a wet towel in one hand and the brush in the other - I've also rationalized that that little wavy line looks vintage :) Taping is just a pain in the neck (as you know!)

    So glad you got 99.9% of it finished :) It's like coming home to a clean house!! Tide Clean!

  2. We're definitely still adjusting to DST! I wouldn't mind if my kids didn't completely adjust - it means they sleep in a bit later in the mornings!

  3. My husband is the paint retoucher but he always does it while the kids are playing in the same room. That logic is beyond my understanding :/

  4. What a good idea! Painting for me ALWAYS gets out o hand, haha. Have a good week-end! HUGS

  5. oh i hear you on painting!!! we had to send our kiddos to a friend's house to get the painting done. i don't usually project well with my hubby, we are both type-A oldest child people. but we paint rather well together. at least you got it done, right? :-)

    the cape pic is so cute!! too bad they have to return to normal life!

    i would prefer to do supper later myself, but hubby has indigestion issues, so we eat around 5:30pm. it is so hard to do!!!!

  6. Cute superhero capes! I've gotta get some for my kiddos, they'd love it!!

    We got in the habit of eating earlier now that my daughter is in preschool, but this time change is really killing us! I've been having a hard time waking up at 7:00 to get her up and ready to be there by 8:00...

  7. I am never; ever happy with painting unless I do it myself. Bless my husband for surprising me by painting while I was away but can you believe he used flat paint? Seriously 2 dogs and eleven grandkids and this perfectionist cannot wipe the walls...
    The kids look so adorable in their capes. I want one!


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