Monday, March 7, 2011

One Job I Won't Have to Do Again

Remember last week when I said there were mini-blinds soaking in my bathtub as part of my spring cleaning?

Well, I never hung them back up!

Actually, I hung up a couple of them, but not all, because I decided I liked how my windows looked better without them!

(And the new puppy may or may not have chewed one of the blinds a little bit while I was drying them off.)

We never closed the blinds anyway, because blocking the sun is not an issue for those windows. We just left them half-way raised.

But, I never realized how ugly they were until they were gone!

My kitchen seems more open, cleaner, less cluttered without them (it helps that I applied a new coat of white paint to the window ledges, too). I love how it looks!

And the best part?

The part that makes me want to do a happy dance every single time I look at those windows (which is a bazillion times a day considering they are right over my kitchen sink!)?

Is that I crossed an item off my to-do list FOREVER!

If I'd cleaned the mini-blinds and re-hung them, that would be a task that would need to be done again in a few months, climbing onto the counter to clean them or take them down to wash them in the bathtub. Mind you it wouldn't get done for another year or more, but the task would nag me. It would sit on the to-do list for weeks and weeks, likely months, but, not now!

Less to clean works for me!

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  1. LOVE how it looks and I am all about light coming in too. What a gorgeous view out of your window as well. Have a wonderful day! HUGS

  2. OH I LOVE IT too!!! I would love to have windows & ledges like that!

  3. Gorgeous view! What a bonus to not EVER have to clean those blinds again. Visiting from 5MfM...thanks for sharing. Happy Tuesday!

  4. Gorgeous!!! I love how clean it looks!

    And I'm a huge fan of crossing something off my list permanently... that's just awesome.

  5. I don't blame you!! Great windows, great view, I'm a big sunshine streaming in through the windows kind of person, too. =) Yay for less cleaning. ;0)
    (here from WFMW)

  6. I love the new, clean, open, and uncluttered look!


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