Thursday, March 24, 2011

Would you rather eat brussel sprouts or a chicken flavored dog bone?

Today after playing a game with my 3 year old, a game in which he won, he asks me, "Are you so happy I won?" And I said, "Yes, I'm happy you won." He then makes a face and says, "I'm sad, though, because I wanted you to win."

I hug him, how sweet he is!

Then he says, "My feet are happy, though! My feet are happy because I won!"


Among other random conversation around here, yesterday we were talking about the puppy's various toys and chew bones and two-thirds of my children admitted to tasting the dog's fake rubber bone that supposed to be chicken flavored. "Yeah, but it didn't taste like anything!" they tell me!

"What? You guys tasted the dog's bone? Gross!"


I have never eaten brussel sprouts before in my life but I cooked some last night using Andrea's technique. One-fifth of our family liked them, one-fifth thought they were okay, and three-fifths thought yuck!! (Can you tell my 8 year old is learning fractions at school?)

My 3 year old finished off one serving and asked for seconds!! "I LOVE these brussel sprouts!" he kept saying! I thought they were alright, but my husband said, "If it weren't for the taste and texture, they'd be fine!"


My 5 year old daughter has her first loose tooth, been loose for over a week now, and I just can hardly stand it. She shouldn't be old enough for that!

Funny how different kids can be, though. My older son never wanted my husband or me to wiggle his loose teeth and he didn't wiggle them much himself either, but my daughter is constantly wiggling hers and several times each day she asks me to try wiggling it, too!


My kids have gotten into the Beverly Cleary books and oh the joy! My 8 year old son's read all the Henry Huggins books and my 5 year old daughter all the Ramona books. I highly recommend them!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. The "Happy feet" cracked me up. I hope they tasted that dog bone when was new and not after the dog already had it! YUCK! Never had brussel sprouts but don't like the looks of them.

    Stopping by from FF.

  2. Love your son's comment about his happy feet! I'm visiting with Finder Things Friday. Blessings!

  3. Oh, yeah... I have caught my 4 and 3 year old playing "puppy" way too many times...

    Brussel Sprouts are yummy!! I don't make them often, though. My daughter {the 4 year old} loves just about any type of veggies, though.

  4. We loved Ramona and Henry around here! Brussel sprouts too!


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