Thursday, June 2, 2011

Classifiable Fingerprints This Time!!!!

A couple months ago I posted about how our fingerprints were expiring for our adoption and that the first time I went through the fingerprint process over a year ago, it took several different appointments because my fingerprints were deemed "unclassifiable" by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration (CIS). We went in mid-April to get re-fingerprinted and we just got the notice in the mail of a successful renewal of our fingerprints! No unclassifiable, come-back multiple times headaches to deal with this time! I'm so relieved because if the fingerprint issue drug out for several months like last time it could possibly have jeopardized when we could bring our new daughter home!

I have Kathleen to thank for her wonderful lotion and spray, magic potions I now call them! And perhaps it helped that for the few months prior to the fingerprinting this time I was more careful about wearing gloves when using strong cleaning products!

Now onto the next step . . . renewing our homestudy! I used to say the only thing worse than paperwork was re-doing paperwork, but actually it's not so bad this time around! Whatever it takes to get our daughter home!


  1. It's going to all be worth it! When my mom went in for her concealed carry permit they had to take her fingerprints numerous times. They just wouldn't pick up..frustrating.

  2. YAY!!! A step closer....Have a wonderful week-end! HUGS


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