Thursday, June 30, 2011

First World Problems

I've been talking with my 8 year old about first world problems lately. In the past couple years as we've become more aware of the acute problems so many people living in 3rd world countries face every day, it's definitely changed our perspective on many of the "problems" in our American lives.

Which is a good thing, unless you happen to be one of our children!

Real life example of what I'm talking about:

The 8 year old son needed some new jeans and one evening this week I announced that he was coming with me to the Old Navy to try some on because what with all the choices -- 8 slim, 8 regular, 10 slim, 10 regular, boot cut, skinny, loose fit -- I had no idea which ones would fit him. He immediate began the whining (remember this is a new lovely phase we're in with the 8 year old), "Do I haaavvvve to go?"

To which I responded with a very exaggerated whining routine to mimic him that went something like this: "I cannot believe I have to get in the car and drive to a store that has tons of clothes to choose from, clothes my parents can afford to buy for me, stand in a dressing room in air conditioned comfort and TRY ON some jeans! I mean, seriously, does life get any worse?!!! Nevermind the fact that there are lots of children in this world with only one set of clothing to their name. A set of clothing they didn't get the luxury of trying on to see how it fit; it doesn't matter if it's too small or too big, they wear it because it's all they have!"

I'm not really sure if my little routine changed his perspective on his life, but he was laughing by the end of it, so at least the whining was put to an end!

Then tonight after the kids were in bed I found this little gem of a YouTube video. So hilariously convicting and illustrates exactly what I've been saying (by the way my smarty 8 year old of course wanted to know who are the "second world countries" when I was explaining about 1st and 3rd world countries)! I can't wait to show this video to my 8 year old tomorrow! (Double click to view it in full screen)


Speaking of first world problems, it seems like we're in a streak of several household appliances/gadgets having issues all at the same time. The other night my husband was mowing when the lawn mower suddenly gave up, halfway through the front yard! He announced he was going to the Home Depot to buy another and I was all, "Really? You're going to just go buy a new lawn mower, just like that? Are you sure it can't be fixed?" I know, I know, you're glad I'm not your wife! And yes, there are cons to having a thrifty wife!

But, he was all "Fine." And he spent the rest of the night rebuilding the thing.

I did cheer him on and snapped this picture of the taken apart mower. He got it working and was pretty proud of himself. I was proud, too!

But our neighbors? Probably not too happy about it because he proceeded to finish the other half of the front yard at 10:45 pm using this light:


The swim team season is over! No more 7am workouts!!! We spent a combined total of 11 hours at 2 different swim meets this week, but it is a short season really lasting just May and June with meets only in June. And we did come home with some medals. I really don't complain too much about being a swim team mom because I love the sport and am thrilled my kids do too! But now the relaxing/restful part of summer can begin!!!


And on that note, I'm taking a break from the blog, really unplugging from all technology (which is completely crazy considering all the checking of emails, blogs, Yahoo Groups, etc. we've been doing so much of lately monitoring Ethiopian adoptions) for the next week to enjoy a bunch of uninterrupted family time! I may schedule some reruns to appear on the blog during the break.

Happy 4th of July! Happy Birthday America!

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  1. Very impressive that he fixed the mower--funny that he just didn't wait until the next day to complete the mowing. We got ours repaired when it broke too, cheaper than a new one at least.

  2. Yeah, first world problems are the worst! Ha! Neat little rap, kid's got a point.

    How I wish my husband was so handy that he could repair something around here. It may just save us some money. It's awesome that your man was able to fix it!

    Ack! 7am is way too early for me on any day in the summer. If any of my kids wanted to join the swim team, I would gladly oblige them. Good thing there are no swim teams around here.

  3. Our lawnmower finally bit the big one this summer after hubby has been fixing it for 3 years...we got lucky though...son had an extra one practically brand new!
    I remember early hockey practice with my son and it was always so cold...
    Why is it when on vacation last week I could sleep until whenever and woke up every single day at 7am?
    Happy week off and hope you have a blessed holiday!


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