Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Empty Laundry Basket

Today I saw something in my home

and it was a note-worthy enough sight

that I took a picture of it.

And I thought to myself,

"I am thankful for that."

An empty laundry basket!

Granted the rest of the house was a disaster (still is),

but that one empty basket shows progress,

something had gotten done today!

So tell me, how elusive is an empty laundry basket at your house?

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  1. oh man this is to funny that i clicked on this link of all the links. we have recently been visited by the stomach flu and my laundry basket over flows. i made it my goal today to get it all done. so this will be my encouragement to do just that. I guess i should write that i am thankful for a washer and dryer lol

  2. WOW, I can so relate...with a full house here! I feel like sometimes my washer never stops. I love having empty laundry baskets all over the house! What's even better having it all put away, the job I hate the worst!

  3. Aww.. I would love an empty laundry basket. A day without the washer running would be wonderful :) We have seen the bottom of a laundry basket a few times and its a great feeling!


  4. Totally get it! It seems like laundry day is every day around here!

  5. Haha...I can so relate! I would be grateful for an empty laundry basket but even after a load of washing, it still isn't. Thanks for sharing yours though.


  6. For me today, success was FINALLY throwing away the pile of socks that have been waiting for what seems like forever for their mates to join them. :-)

    "A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul..." Prov. 13:19 NIV


  7. an empty laundry basket is a small victory around here too! we must delight in the little things, right?
    love it! thanks for sharing.

  8. When i saw that I thought, "I have that same laundry basket. Those are my favorite kind."

    And then I thought, 'How pathetic that I not only recognize types of laundry baskets, but have a favorite kind."

    Even more pathetic that I almost never see it empty!!

  9. Now THAT is an exciting thing!!! That is a hard thing for me to accomplish - always filled up before I'm done with the other - LOL!

  10. Wow. I didn't even know that could happen. I'm printing that out and hanging it in my laundry room to give the other baskets something to aspire to.


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