Thursday, June 23, 2011

Does anybody have a life that isn't random?

We FINALLY got rain here in our part of Texas this week! A much needed 1 inch! Only 14 inches more needed before we'll be out of the drought!

My 5 year old daughter spent the entire day it rained asking me every 5 minutes, "Has it been enough rain now?"

My 4 year old son couldn't resist the mud in the backyard. Check out how much is caked on his leg!!!

When I pointed out to him how dirty he was and that he could not come in the house like that, he said, "It's okay, I'll just brush it off."

"Um, no. You have long passed the brush-it-off kind of dirty, and have achieved the get-a-hose-bath-in-the-backyard-like-the-dog level of dirty!"


We completed our little painting project and I even painted the insides of our bathroom drawers, so nice to have a fresh white surface! However, I don't think it will be dry enough to put the stuff back in them for a couple days, so our entire drawer contents are on our counter right now -- quite the mess!


Lest you think I'm on top of all things household what with my 2 bathrooms worth of freshly painted baseboards and drawers, I must share the reality that my husband made the mistake earlier this week of turning our bedroom fan that always stays on "low" to "high" because he was hot. Well, I cannot accurately describe the volume of dust that went flying across our bedroom once that fan hit high speed, but let's just say that fan? Had not been cleaned in who-really-knows-how-long!


The kids and I have been escaping the heat every day with our own version of homemade frozen yogurt. I put some plain greek yogurt, frozen peaches, frozen bananas, and a little vanilla in the blender, puree it, and create the yummiest cold treat (which is actually very healthy)!


We are still waiting on a court date for our adoption, hoping to get to meet our little girl in July or early August before the Ethiopian courts close for their 2 month rainy season. Would you pray? We are certain God has a plan and we know His ways are often better than anything we could imagine, but we also believe in the power of prayer.

By the grace of God, I happened upon this blog post today. The waiting has been hard this week and I really needed to read that message. Such a good word! Anyone else waiting for something? Go read this post .


Have a beautiful weekend!

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  1. I just found you, but I will pray for your adoption!

    We've had so much rain here, I was thinking the other day it would be nice to blow some down your way. God?

  2. Really like that blog post about waiting! Thanks for sharing it.

    Praying for that court date for you!

  3. Love the idea for the frozen yogurt! Of course, I know I've read about something like it before, just never got around to doing it.

    All my best to you & your family awaiting your adoption. Hope that court date comes soon!

  4. Hoping and praying you get your court date before rainy season!

  5. ship one of those lovely cold yogurt treats this way, k?

  6. I copied your yogurt idea and will have to feature it on my blog, too (with a link, if it's OK with you)

    Prayers for rain and the adoption. We're burning up here in FL (literally with wildfires) but I can't imagine waiting for a foreign adoption to go through.


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