Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Extraordinary Days

Today was back to reality.  Real life.  The regular routine of packing lunches, homework, dropping off and picking up at 2 different schools.  No more kids in their jammies until 4pm kind of days like so many we've had the last 10 days since bringing home our new daughter from Ethiopia.

But, as I did the many, many ordinary tasks of my day today, things I've done countless times before, the ordinary couldn't help but feel extraordinary!  Because of a certain little 3 year old Ethiopian girl I got to have as my sidekick.  So many times today I was blown away by the fact that she's home

It's the first of the month and we are not getting an email with some pictures of her and an update on how she's doing!  Hooray!  Hooray!

This little girl we've prayed about for so long, who had always been in Ethiopia, is now here, right in the midst of our ordinary family.  In my home.  In my car.  Riding in my shopping cart.

The only way to make sense of any of it is:  ONE EXTRAORDINARY GOD!

Our new 3 year old has been sleeping with my husband and me, but last night when I was tucking her 6 year old sister into bed, little sister crawled right in and went to sleep.  She slept there next to her sister for about an hour before a certain dog woke her up (Would anyone like a 1 year old goldendoodle?  Kidding!  Sort of.  Offers still welcome.) and then we took her to our bed.  But tonight she's back asleep with her sister and may sleep there all night.  Someday Big Sister will move to the top bunk, but for now I think they both like the togetherness!

I took this picture of them and couldn't help marveling at the thought of all the times my 6 year old daughter prayed for a sister, all the times her brothers were tucked into bed in the boy room and she would ask sadly, "Who's going to sleep with me?"  The month she slept on the floor in her brothers' room so she wouldn't be alone in her room!

God has been so faithful to both my daughters, to our family!  May we all continue to see the extraordinary in Him long after the newness of these days wears off!

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  1. This post brought tears to my eyes. We do have one extraordinary God don't we?

  2. That picture is too sweet! Praise the Lord for answered prayers!

  3. Praise God, so happy for your family.

  4. So sweet... sometimes we all need that closeness. Sounds like a perfect union!

    Tänia of
    Simply God's Girl

  5. It is such a blessed sight to see children sleeping. They run around during school break and it makes the days so crazy. But us moms would have it no other way. Enjoy your precious angels because soon they will be teenagers....LOL.

    God Bless You with a wonderful New Year!
    Yoli K. at Apron Senorita

  6. oh how beautiful! God is so awesome, what a wonderful 2012 awaits you and your precious family! Thank you for sharing with us over at TT this week! :)

  7. It made me smile to read your post this morning of God's goodness for you and your family! How wonderful He is!


  8. How exciting and what a blessing! I am so happy for you all... I'll bet your just happy dancin' with the Lord!

  9. Oh, what a heartwarming post! I cried just thinking of the girls together... So happy for you and your newly full family. :)


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