Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Day of School

It has been a busy week getting the kids back to school!  

We had some sickness in the house so my 7 year old's first day of 2nd grade was actually on the third day of school.  But, she's well now and had a great day today at school.  

I'm thankful that so far so good!  No tears.  Everyone is happy with school, my new little kindergartener is behaving himself in his class and even Little Girl started 2 day a week morning preschool and did great!  One of her teachers even told me at the parent orientation night after the 2nd day that she was "the smartest kid in the class!"  Hehe.  That kid I feel like I can brag on because any successes she has are not at all due to our efforts or genetics, just one big God!  I mean, really, she's in a classroom of kids that all most likely had the best starts in life -- 2 caring and interested parents, the best nutrition, medical care, maybe even baby classes like Gymboree -- yet her very experienced preschool teacher thinks Little Girl who suffered malnutrition, lived 13 months in Ethiopian orphanages, and has only been in American for 8 months is the smartest?

First day pictures that totally seem to say, "My mom drug me out on the porch, made me hold this sign, and told me to smile!":

P.S.  Anyone willing, please come sweep my front porch!  Oh my, is it really that dirty?


  1. We'll be doing the back to school thing next week, too. ::sigh:: Summer just FLEW by this year, didn't it??! Glad to hear everyone's health has returned and that your kids are enjoying the return to routine!

  2. Oh, how I remember. Our sophomore and 7th grader desperately hope no one will be around to see us dropping them off, but they certainly are glad to see us when the day is done.
    Thank God for our blessings, however they may come.
    Peace and good to you. I found you at the Grace Alone-Thankful Thursday link-up.

  3. Cute, cute kids. MUCH to be thankful for!

  4. How wonderful! I'm looking forward to seeing pics of my grandangels first K day tomorrow :) What a blessing!


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