Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Flashback 2!

Today I'm flashing back to August 28, 2006.

So, not too far off from yesterday's time period, we had 2 kids, my son who was 3 years old and my daughter who had just turned 1 year old.

I had to document this, because I say all the time that she "climbed before she walked" and it's true!  My boys walked pretty early but my little girl didn't walk until 13 or 14 months old, but she had mastered climbing by then.  She'd crawl over to things and then climb up!  Here I'd left the fridge open for a second and caught her climbing in!

She looks pretty proud of herself!

Tell me you had/have the Leapster Fridge Letter thing.  Now it's been years since we've had that thing on our fridge but I can still sing you the song, "The 'A' says 'ah', the 'A' says 'ah', every letter makes a sound, the 'A' says 'ah'."  Really I attribute the school success of my older two to that device alone!  Kidding.  Sort of!


  1. Not only do we have the alphabet one, we have the new, jazzier transportation one. It goes, "Car in the bubble wash, plane in the bubble wash. Carplane, that's silly!"

  2. So cute! My oldest was a climber! Mine were way before Leapster! But my DIL plays that sound DVD ALL THE TIME!


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