Tuesday, September 4, 2012

70 Minutes

I want to say straight up that I consider it an honor and privilege to do my littlest girl's hair.

From this very white (think Casper the Friendly Ghost) mama with super straight hair, my 3 year old's hair is awesome!

I've learned a ton these last 8 months about caring for her hair, and I still have a lot to learn!

That hairstyle took 70 minutes.  

Clearing an entire morning to "do hair" would have at one time seemed crazy to me, but now, it's just life.  My crazy, blessed, sleep caps, shower caps, braids, twists, free-hair, co-washing, hair product-filled life!


  1. 70 minutes of bonding time. :) Turned out awesome! :)

    Blue Moon Dragon's Eye

  2. they're beautiful! I remember when we got our 22 year old when she was six. I had no idea what to do with her hair, my boys were easy....I just cut it. But Nikki had long hair when it was wet in the bath and wild hair when she was out. I finally got it down and it was a snap. She did the whole extension thing when she was about 12, and that was nasty when we took them out, never again. But no matter if my efforts were a success or a failure we had fun and it was good mommy/daughter time. I love seeing all of your pictures, even though I rarely comment I'm here watching your family which in many ways mirrors mine.

  3. Way to go Mama!!!!! You did a great job. Tie it up at night in a silk scarf, and you can maintain the style for several day's. What a fabulous adventure you're on!

  4. Holy cow! So impressed. I don't even know how to french braid my daughter's hair, I can't even being to imagine how to do this. It looks so good


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