Monday, September 24, 2012

Entertaining a Bunny and a Penguin!

This week there is the stress excitement of hosting not 1 but 2 classroom stuffed animal mascots! 

My 3 year old's preschool class bunny and my 7 year old's 2nd grade class penguin. Both were a surprise and came home quite unexpectedly today. So, I will spend the week attempting to entertain the bunny and the penguin while praying we do not lose them (in a typical week I feel successful just going places with my 4 kids and returning with all 4, now there are the 2 animals, too) and the dog does not chew them up.  All so my girls can turn in journals complete with photos of all the animal's adventures staying with us for a week! 

Still, praising God for these First World problems.

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  1. That's kind of a neat idea for the kids to take home a school mascot. Good luck on babysitting them!

  2. That is so cool there are class mascots the kids get to bring home for a 'visit' - and it's great they both came home at the same time. Are you going to take pictures of their adventures while they're your guests? :)

    Social Butterfly

  3. That is fun! Penguins are Princess Snifflefritz's mascot animal. She even sleeps with a giant one in her bed.


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