Thursday, September 13, 2012

When In Doubt Throw It Out

Here's a good question my husband asked me recently, "Why do we only have 4 Christmas spoons left?"

"Christmas spoons" are from our fancier set of silverware but since our every day set is also mysteriously dwindling, the "good" set is often recruited into daily use.

So, where exactly does our silverware disappear to???!!!

I suspect that my training the children to "clear their own spots" at the table results in not just trash but occasionally silverware getting thrown away.

'Course if the silverware continues to disappear after all the children grow up and move out, I'll have to come up with a new theory!


Another random household mystery I'd like to solve: why is it that when I get down towards the bottom of the pump lotion bottle (you know the point where the pump no longer works, but there is still good lotion to be used) that last little bit lasts forever???

My husband insists I should just throw it away once the pump can no longer pump, but I can't do it.  I mean it's not empty, there is perfectly good lotion still in there!  But, man I miss the convenience of the pump!


I made it through my week of 3 different school open house nights where parents hear from the teachers about what to expect from the year!  I feel like I went to school more than my children this week!  And don't even talk to me about how many more years I will have 3 children in this elementary school!

Tonight at the kindergarten parent's night, my son's kindergarten teacher suggested that we could check out our child's bin to get a glimpse into their personalities.  She said, "Like for instance they got a box of 12 crayons at the beginning of the year (3 weeks ago) and some kids will have all 12 crayons there, neatly stored in the bin inside the cardboard crayon box with the pointed ends all facing up.  And then some kids will have the crayons all rolling free inside their bins and have already lost 2 or 3 of them!"

My son?  As I expected his crayons were rolling free in his bin rather than being stored neatly in the original cardboard crayon box.  The crayons were all there, but I noticed his crayon box was missing.  I asked my son about it when I got home and he was all, "Oh yeah.  The crayons wouldn't stay in it, they kept coming out, so I threw the box away in the trash can."

So basically, some kids operate inside the box, some outside the box and my 3rd child?  Well, he's like, "What's the point of the box?  Who needs it?!"


Happy Friday Everyone!


Happy Friday, Friends!


  1. The box analogy is a very good one...

  2. We seem to lose spoons around here, too. I'm pretty sure it is my husband who is accidentally throwing them away.

  3. And while we're at household mysteries, where do all the socks go in the washer/drier? And with so much lint in the drier, how in the WORLD is there any fabric left in the clothes???

  4. Funny, my shampoo is pumpless right now! I take the pump off and add a bit of water to get it most out of it.

  5. Your third child and my husband were cut from the same cloth, lol!

  6. I have bought extra spoons at Walmart simply because we never have enough. And we only have three people. I can't imagine how it is at your house.

  7. I'm with Keetha - I have 13 individual socks (boys and girls) and the other ones have disappeared.

  8. This is a late comment ... I cut my lotion bottles down after the pump stops working, put the bottom of the bottle in a zip-loc and scoop out what I need. It's not great, but so much easier than turning the bottle upside down and banging it to get the lotion out.


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