Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Could you say "no" to that?

Now that her English is so good, there have been more conversations lately with our 3 year old daughter adopted from Ethiopia 8 months ago about her past, her life before she came to our family.

Last week she and I had a really good, deep conversation in the middle of Costco when she suddenly started asking me some questions.  There was no information that was new news to her, but for some reason certain things seemed to resonate more with her at that time. Then about 2 days later she had this exchange with my husband in our playroom:

The 3 year old:  "Daddy, can we play another game?"

My husband:  "No, we already played games, that's enough for now."

The 3 year old (with a pouty face):  "I used to live in an orphanage."

Do you think she got to play some more games?  You bet!  And as my husband relayed the story to me he said, "I could never refuse that!"

My husband doesn't think she was intentionally manipulating him but, I'm not so sure.  She's one smart cookie and she's good.  She's really good!  And we are in big trouble!


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