Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Sure Sign It's The Second to Last Day of School

We got to the elementary school this morning at 7:56, just 4 minutes shy of the tardy bell.  As I unloaded my 4 children from my vehicle the 1st grader realized he left his backpack at home.  The backpack he'd carefully packed with everything he needed for the day's events. . .

It's definitely the second to last day of school!

I may or may not have lamented to a mom friend who was nearby, "I just need this school year to end!!"

Then after school today, the entire contents of my local elementary school descended upon my kitchen:

It's definitely the second to last day of school!

Right after I took that picture, I pulled out a large trash bag and my 7 year old son asked, "But, why, Mom?  Why do have to throw things away?!!!"

To which I responded, "Because nobody wants to live in a trash dump!"

We started going through the contents of my 3rd grade daughter's backpack.  You know the sorting - keepsake box, trash, trash, keepsake, not sure, trash . . .

But, we are all so exhausted that it quickly got too hard.  And my daughter came up with a great suggestion, "We could just put it all in a grocery bag and go through it later."  Yes!  As much as I want to get rid of junk in my house, I was totally on board with that idea!  Because the stuff is just too overwhelming!  Just look, that is the inside of just ONE of the three backpacks that came home:

ONE more day to go!  We can do this!!  Especially since the kids all have pizza parties tomorrow so I am officially done packing lunches -- HOORAY!!

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