Thursday, May 29, 2014

The School Year Is Officially Over!

We made it through!  After many festivities today, the school is over.  It was a great year for all my kids, so it's a little sad to say good-bye to their amazing teachers, but I am really ready for some summer fun and relaxation with my people!


This week I took Little Girl with me to Nordstrom department store to return something I'd bought online and they were having their half-yearly women's and kids sale, so there were racks of sale items lining the walkway.  As soon as we walked in, Little Girl spotted a rack of ladies' evening gowns.  "Oh, Mommy!  LOOK AT THESE DRESSES!"  Then she found a full length bright blue sequin dress and it was all over, 

Her:  "OHHHHHH, IT'S LIKE ELSA'S DRESS!!! (From the movie Frozen).  Can I get this dress?"
Me:  "It's $328 even on sale."
Her:  "I'm going to start saving my money!"
Me:  "It will be about 10 years before that dress will fit you.  Here let me take a picture of you with it."

She did not give up easily about that dress, even trying to convince me to buy it for myself!


Then I took her upstairs to the children's department where we needed to return the item.  And she found ALL KINDS of clothes she wanted up there!  I did spy a cute dress that was on sale and took her into the dressing room to try it on.  Now, because I order most things for my kids online, have them shipped, and then try them on in the living room of our own home and return to the store what doesn't fit/work, my children have had minimal store dressing room experience.

And I don't think I've ever taken Little Girl into a dressing room to try on clothes for her.  I have to say it was QUITE THE EXPERIENCE!  She immediately switched into diva mode and was striking all kinds of poses and then busted into a full on dance!

After all her enthusiasm I had to buy her something, so we did leave with a new dress that she now asks every day if she can wear.


After Nordstrom we hit the Container Store where my cart looked like this:

"Lovey" had to ride around in the cart like that!  This is one aspect of having young children I will miss someday, I mean it's not like I can as a grown woman get away with pushing a stuffed animal around in my shopping cart unless I have a child with me!


Happy Summer Everyone!!  My big relaxation plans may not be realized for another week or so as we have 2 swim meets and 5 days of VBS in the next 7 days, but the lazy days, they are a' coming!

Half-Past Kissin' Time


  1. Glad you're school year has ended. Love the dress and the modelling.Has she considered a career.

  2. Congrats - we have four more days. It's silly to me because they won't get any work done but alas...
    My Little Diva would feel the same way about the "Elsa" dress and your girl looks lovely in her new dress.
    My Nordstrom Rack is right next to the Container Store, too. It's a dangerous area for me -- LOL!
    Happy Friday!

  3. Yikes my grandkids are in school til 6/20. Darn snow! I am looking forward to lots of unhurried fun with them.
    Your little one is precious! I don't go into dressing rooms with the kids either. I just love ordering online.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. She is so darn cute. If I were rich I would splurge and buy her the dress and have it altered. I guess I could just have one made from scratch if I were rich. Her enthusiasm shows through in the pictures.


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