Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Toddler Years

I was around a friend's toddler son recently and he was so cute and reminded me so much of my boys when they were smaller.

I almost said out loud that I missed those toddler years, and in many ways I do miss it, but I have photographic evidence of what it's REALLY like living with a toddler:

And also evidence of the joys of that THIRD child! 

For anyone still in the throws of parenting a toddler, it does pass.

That adorable, mischievous little guy of mine is now 7 years old!  (And he never colors on the wall any more!) 

And the Mr. Clean Eraser?  Is your friend!!

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  1. Haha! My oldest is 7 and my middle is about to go off to kindergarten in the fall, but oh do we have a toddler in the house! She is one and walking and into EVERYTHING!!! and I love her to pieces, but the adjustment to #3 has been a bit nutty...So I LOVED this (:


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