Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What My Son DID Get for 5th Grade Graduation

Yesterday I blogged about what my son was NOT getting for his 5th grade graduation.

Today I'm sharing what he got instead.

First, he has been mentioning that he'd like his own bank account, so my husband came home from work early today on our son's 5th grade graduation day and before the ceremony he took him to the bank and helped him open his first savings account.  As our gift to him, we deposited the first $150 into the account.  My son is very excited about getting his very own ATM card in the mail in a few days!  This child has been a very responsible spender of his allowance the past 6 years, in fact, he typically gives large sums away to World Vision or Compassion International, so I have confidence he will use the money wisely.

Also, we gave my 11 year old the book, Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations,  with an inscription we wrote inside the cover about how proud we are of him, how we believe God has a plan for his life, and how we are always there for him.

The book was written by teenage twin brothers and it encourages young people to step outside their comfort zones and trust God enough to do hard things for the glory of God.  I am really excited to have my son read this book and also want to read through it and discuss it as a family this summer!

Really, that book seems to illustrate why we didn't want to get our son the iphone he wanted for 5th grade graduation, because we have bigger dreams for his life.  Better things we believe he can do if he is not glued to a 2 by 5 inch screen!

The graduate:


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