Monday, May 24, 2010

Cakes that did not look like frogs!

It's time for Not Me! Monday (a blog carnival created by MckMama; you can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have NOT been doing - but really have!).

Around here: (Hint: If you get confused, just remove the words in my post that are in all caps and you'll know the truth!)

I did NOT make cowboy boot and cowgirl boot shaped cakes for my little kids' birthday party on Friday. Considering my lack of experience in the cake decorating department, before attempting this, I did NOT warn my daughter that they may come out not looking like boots, but maybe frogs or something!

And while they weren't perfect boots, I am happy to say they really did not look like frogs!

The boy boot:

and the girl one:

I was NOT so thankful for the wonder that is The Internet and to be able to copy this blogger's cake and so happy she even had a link to a template that made the cutting into a boot shape so easy even I could do it!

Now the icing part? That was a bit challenging and may have added a gray hair or twenty or sixty to my collection! But all and all we were happy with the results and had a great time celebrating with tons of western themed fun!

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  1. They came out great! Some day I'll get brave enough to post about the 1st ever shaped cake I tried to do for my now 10-year-old's 1st birthday.


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