Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nothing says "wedded bliss" quite like a waffle maker!

Do you want to know how you know you've been married a while?

Two days before your 11 year anniversary at 2:30 in the afternoon you call your husband at work and say, "Hey, you haven't gotten me anything for our anniversary yet, right?"

Husband: long pause as he frantically looks to his calendar and then the date inscribed on the inside of his wedding band, thinking, "Is our anniversary today? Was it yesterday? No, it's Saturday, wow, I almost forgot!"

But, outloud he says, "No. . ."

Wife: "Good! Because I just found a gift I'd like to get as our joint gift to each other for our anniversary. It's only $38.29 on Amazon! And with our free trial membership of the Amazon Prime we get 2 day free shipping so if I order now it might get here on our anniversary."

Wife: pauses just in case husband would like to say anything.

Husband: "That sounds good."

Wife: "Do you want to know what it is?

Husband: "Well if you want to tell me or is it supposed to be a surprise?"

Wife: "No, I'd rather tell you because I don't want to get it and then have you get all weird about me buying a cheap one because a while back you said if we got one we should get a nice one. It's a waffle maker. You know I hate the idea of adding a new kitchen appliance or spending money, but we have thought about getting one for a while now and I just found a good homemade waffle recipe on a blog that I want to try and the kids would love homemade waffles a few mornings a week! The waffle maker is not as expensive as the professional ones but it has tons of 5 star consumer reviews that say it works just as well as the more expensive ones. It has this flip mechanism that really makes sense that it would cook a better waffle. I have to go take my mom to get her hair done, so I really can't talk, but what do you think, should I order it?

Husband: "Yeah, go ahead."

It just doesn't get any more romantic than that, folks! Seriously!

But, really it is perfect! Neither my husband nor I are real gift people. We've taken the test and it is not either of our love language. Praise the Lord because I don't know what I'd do if I was having to buy my husband little gifts all the time just so he felt loved!

So, by now in our marriage we pretty much run the gifts by each other first, you know, no use wasting money on something the other one may not really like!

And last year we went on a huge vacation for our 10 year anniversary so this year we already knew was gonna be low-key! And even I have to confess to almost forgetting it all together!

But the waffle maker saves the day, I got the shipping notice and it looks like we really may get it on our anniversary!

I can't wait for some homemade waffles only not with cheese like Mel does, nope, I prefer mine with strawberries, syrup, and whip cream! Yum!

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  1. My parents have something similar, not for waffles but for the wafer cones (ice cream cones) but the maker looks like the same idea... I'm thinking if you used the right ingredients it would work either way?

  2. Oh that is so funny! We used to have a waffle maker but I would be the one standing their making waffles for everyone and they would eat them quicker then I could make them. LOL!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. LOL! :D I love homemade waffles, but my waffle maker died. :( Maybe need to convince hubby again.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. My grandkids BEG for waffles when they spend the night....soo I'm hungry for one ~ with strawberries and whip cream! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY....HUGS

  5. Good for you...your love language can be waffles! That isn't a choice is it?
    Happy Anniversary!

  6. The waffles will alwyas reminde you of your anniversary now! Good thinking! Happy Anniversary!!!

  7. Mmmm, homemade waffles are the best! I found my waffle maker about 13 years ago at a garage sale... in the box... with the WEDDING CARD still in the box!!!!!!!

  8. Yes, that is totally romantic~! =-D We have SO been there, done that. That's a gift that will definitely keep on giving. Love it!


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