Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random Ramblings

I love the moments when I can listen in on my kids talking with each other. A few days ago I heard my 4 year old daughter say to her little brother, "You have talked so much, now it's my turn." She actually said it in a very nice, matter of fact voice. It was hilarious!

Then there are the times they are arguing but it is just so funny. For example, recently my daughter was touting the fact that she had not done the bad thing her brothers had done to get in trouble (pounding on our outside wood table with rocks so hard they made several small dents in the wood) and my 7 year old son said to her, "Well, you're not perfect. Because there was only one perfect person EVER and that was Jesus!"

He's good! I mean there is just no come-back for that!

I survived 2 nights of the up-do for my little ballerina and feel completely geared up for the big dance recital day. Her costume is adorable, the little dance is precious, and at rehearsal 9 of the 10 little girls actually danced. One of the younger girls in the class had a big freak-out once we got backstage and began screaming at the top of her lungs, "NO! I'm NOT going out there!" Bless her heart, it is a bit scary with the stage so big and it's really dark until the curtains open and the lights go on! I hope watching the other girls got her courage up to do it on Sunday. I had fun hanging out with my daughter after her dance and watching some of the other classes perform on the stage.

We are having a joint cowboy/cowgirl themed birthday party at our house tomorrow night for my 2 younger kids (a late 3rd birthday and an early 5th birthday). And because I have lost every shred of sense I ever had, I am making the cakes -- a pink cowgirl boot one and a brown cowboy boot one. Except I'm not really a cake designer and am totally attempting to copy something I saw on the internet. I've already warned my daughter that it may turn out not looking like a boot at all, but rather a frog or something! And because she's so sweet she said that would be okay.

I made the decision to do homemade cakes sometime last week, but for now the reasons are escaping me. Something about not liking the designs for that theme at the Sam's Club, wanting to be frugal, underestimating the difficulty of shaping cake like a boot, and thinking I'd rather be in my kitchen baking than standing at the bakery counter filling out the form to order a cake. Somehow none of those reasons seem good anymore now that I'm right in the midst of the cake-creating process!

I may or may not show you pictures later.

Y'all have a super weekend! If you need me, I can be found sawing cakes into the shape of a boot or shepherding 10 costume-clad little girls to the restroom backstage! "No really, everyone needs to at least try to go now because you don't want to have to go while you're on stage!"

It is really a blessed life I get to lead and I'm thankful for every minute!


  1. Bwahaha, love the Jesus comment! Kids are so funny!

    Good luck with the cake and recital... you're a brave soul.

  2. That picture is adorable! I love your blog! I've subscribed and will be back :)

  3. Oh too funny. I love listening to my kids communicate with each other.
    And you better show us pictures later!!! Frog or not! LOL!

  4. The Jesus comment reminds me of when I worked at a day camp when I was in high school. We had one child who seemed to be in the camp director's office pretty much EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. One day it was for fighting and I happened to be in the adjacent office doing something and the director asked this little boy (who was the ripe old age of 6) if he'd ever heard of the Golden Rule. The little boy replied, "Yes, you see he hit me first, so he must have WANTED me to hit him." Logically it makes sense, and it caught the director off guard so that he started choking trying to keep from laughing. Kids, they never leave you bored!

  5. Kids are hilarious! No comeback for that! I gotta remember that for the next argument I have with the Hub. Though it may not be as effective ...

    Happy weekend fellow fragger!

  6. As always I loved your post...such a trip down memory lane for me it brought. Melly only did dance one year (she was just not a "girly" girl ~ soo into sports) and I KNOW I had more fun than she did at the recital. The cutest costume ever (she didn't even want to wear it) the make up ("Do I have to mommy?) and all the pics. Sooo fun...The party theme sounds darling and what a good idea for the cakes. ENJOY your week-end!! I know I would... = )

  7. Your little ballerina is so cute. I hope the recital goes well for all involved. Good luck with the boots!

  8. Yes your little ballerina is so precious. I can just close my eyes and remember my girls at that age. My son took dance too and I took a lot of gruff over it; but he loved the recitals. He grew up to be a terrific hockey player and he says he skates so well because of the dancing moves he learned. He is 32 now and does not dance except with his kids goofing around.
    I always did homemade cakes for my kids birthdays. Just have fun with it and remember as long as it taste good they will all forget what it looked like. (Wal-Mart may have boot cake pans) My daughter recently got a castle pan there.
    Best of luck with the party..Happy Friday and have a great weekend.

  9. I love the interaction; when we are on the way home from work/school/daycare in the evenings, my four year old (tomorrow) says, "Be quet! It is MY turn to talk!" Have a good weekend, and please show pictures of the cake.

  10. I can completely relate to your rambles.. my eldest when she was 3/4 she was in a dance recital - reversals went great - the show she screamed the entire time... oh boy... I too loved listen to my girls talk when they were younger.. now that they are teens I'm thinking i might not like it as

    Love to you
    I've Become My Mother
    Kelly's Ideas

  11. You go girl with your cakes!! That is SO cute...the two boots! I'm not much of a baker myself but I copied a butterfly cake I found on the internet for my 2 year old last year...she LOVED it...she STILL talks about it and wanted me to make her another butterfly cake this year!! I'm trying a monkey instead!!!

    I think there is something so precious about making a cake for your kids- I love my mom, but she always just made a plain old sheet cake for my birthdays...I'm enjoying the attempts at venturing out and trying new shapes!!! Can't wait to hear about it.

  12. by the way...I've been on the fence about putting my daughter in dance classes...I think this picture may have pushed me into the "yes" camp...SOOO CUTE!

  13. i love it when i can hear my kids chit chat with each other too, i've heard some great things!

    :) great post.


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