Monday, May 3, 2010

You should play "Old Maid" with my 4 year old!

I was playing the card game "Old Maid" with my 4 year old daughter last week. I shuffled several times to mix the cards up really well, dealt out the entire deck between she and I, all 50 something cards.

Before my daughter picked up her hand of face-down cards, she looked at me and suddenly announced, "I hid the 'Old Maid' card!"

"Why?" I asked.

"Because I didn't want anyone to get it," she replied.

And sure enough, she lifted a nearby book to reveal the hidden "Old Maid" card underneath.

I laughed so hard!

Crazy, hilarious, sweet, sweet girl!

So, sweet that not only does she not want to get the "Old Maid" card herself, but doesn't want anyone else to get it either!

Although it doesn't make for a very exciting game of "Old Maid", I am so grateful for her caring, sensitive spirit!

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  1. That's classic. That game always made me nervous too.

  2. LOL...I LOVE it...And I am soo with her. Takes the tension right out of the game, haha..

  3. My children, also, like Old Maid -- as well as hiding all sorts of cards here and there!

  4. Adorable. And so sweet. That's like my oldest, who weeps at the thought of a snake that got hit by the lawn mower. (Sniff, sniff.)

  5. Isn't that what we pray for in our children...I'm sure she will continue to grow and accomplish great things!

  6. That is super-adorable! What a sweet girl.

  7. Awwwwwwe! What a sweet, sweet little heart! I think that's one of those moments a mom treasures in her heart for the rest of her life. :)


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