Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend Sunshine

The past week was hard, nearly excruciatingly so. My mom stayed with us for 5 nights and days and there were many tough issues. There are no easy answers on this uphill climb dealing with her Lewy Body Dementia.

There are some ugly things about life on this earth that we cannot change; but someday God will make them right.

When my mom left early Saturday, I was emotionally depleted and began looking for the sunshine.

God brought it.

A zoo trip with my husband and kids where we got to gaze at the miracle of a 3 week old baby elephant and laugh at the amazing antics of a big elephant who splashed and rolled in his water pool over and over again!

Then afternoon therapy in the form of 3 hours spent cleaning my house. Making what tiny bit of the world I control, right again, one tile, one toilet, one mirror, one counter at a time.

Dinner out where all the kids behaved beautifully.

The homemade waffles for breakfast this morning before church!

Swimming laps with my 7 year old at the pool this afternoon.

Black-eyed peas fresh from our garden. Some shelled, some snapped, all cooked with bacon for dinner because I'm from the South, and because they are delicious that way!

And tomorrow?

Building sandcastles on a beach not coated in oil, the 1st beach trip in 8 years where someone will not be wearing a swim diaper, rubbing sunscreen on sandy kids, eating ice-cold chocolate chip cookies while listening to the surf.

(Chocolate chip cookies are amazing warm and gooey fresh from the oven, everyone knows that, but have you ever tried them ice cold from the cooler on a hot, hot day? Divine!)

Home from the beach, a car full of sand and what are sure to be napping kids. An hour of uninterrupted reading time.

Over dinner we'll discuss the meaning behind Memorial Day with our children, we will remember with thankfulness the sacrifice of so many for our great nation, and pray for their families left behind.

We'll crowd around the ice cream maker as it churns chocolate liquid into chocolate ice cream, it will have to be stopped and started three times so each child has a turn to push the button that turns on the magic of ice cream creation, when it's through we'll enjoy the frozen goodness, and marvel over how much better it is than store-bought!

Savoring blessings, enjoying every day gifts, looking for the good and finding so much of it!

Hope you are too!

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  1. That waffle looks yummy and it sounds like you have a fun day tomorrow! I haven't been to the zoo in ages, but I always loved the zoo babies.

    I'm sorry to hear about your mom. My oldest brother has Alzheimer's and as you said, it's a tough hill for them (and their loved ones) to climb.

    Have a fun day at the beach and thanks for linking up today!

  2. I am sorry to hear about your mom...SUCH an uphill climb for sure. I am glad you got to rest and spend some quality time with your family after. The zoo babies are just the best and your day today sounds wonderful. I haven't had homemade icecream in ages..It is sounding really yummy right now...ENJOY your day and your family....HUGS

  3. Nana says..

    Sounds like a fun and busy weekend. Hope someday my grandkids realize what great parents they have. The waffles look yummy!! Look forward to some on our next visit....Love ya, Nana

  4. Gee! Your days sound a whole lot more fun than mine. I'll be packing packing packing! *sigh*
    Can you bring me cookies? I'm pretty sure that would help me. LOL!

  5. Hello there.
    Just stopping by via the Making Your Home Sing.
    What a nice post. It sounds like it was a rough yet beautiful weekend.
    My dear grandmother had dimentia and it was very hard to watch her turn into someone I didn't know.. but just like you said.. God brought her home and she is back who God designed her to be..
    Hope to stop back by again..


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