Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Grocery shopping, only better!

For a long time I put off jumping on the reusable grocery bags bandwagon.

I imagined it was so much trouble carrying the bags into the store and rationalized that when I wasn't shopping with small children then would be the time to be concerned about the environment, right now it was just about surviving the grocery store trip and making it home with at least most of the items on the list!

But, a few weeks ago the reusable bags were on sale for a dollar at Target and so I bought some.
And do you know what?

I love using them!

It really is not hard just keeping them in the back of my car and carrying them into the store when I shop.

And, the benefits I never anticipated: so many more groceries fit into those reusable bags than the plastic store ones; the handles make it much less painful on your hands hauling in even heavy bags; the bags don't topple over in the back of my vehicle and . . .

they look much prettier on my counter if it takes me a while, or half a day, to get around to unloading the non-perishable items!

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  1. I totally agree!

    I use them for the exact same reason--they also stand up very nicely in the back of our van. Plastic bags fall over and dump out--so annoying!

  2. I was so surprised at how much you can fit into those bags! And you can carry them over your shoulder since they have those long straps.

  3. I never remember mine. Any good tips?

  4. A lot of stores give you 5 cents off for each bag you bring. I've also started putting my coupon organizer inside them to help me remember to use them.

  5. I need some more reusable bags and remember to put them in my car. LOL! They are on the back of the garage door. I think I am going to do that now. :D

  6. No, no, no! No guilt trips allowed! Lol! sigh. I guess at some point I do have to heave myself up on that wagon. It's nice to know there are folks that actually prefer them. Maybe, just maybe, I'll look into getting some.

    Thanks for the nudge.

  7. AGREEE!!!!!!!! I got a bunch as a Christmas gift, and I love them. I use them for everything from groceries, library books, and even as a diaper bag in a pinch. I also got some produce bags. I'm a little embarrassed at the checkout, but I hate those plastic bags, because I can never get them open, or they rip if loaded with too much. You can get them on Etsy or maybe even meijer. They were a gift, so I'm not sure where they were purchased.

  8. I love the reusable bags! I just pop them in the trunk of my car so I have them to use!! I also love how they hold more!!


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