Thursday, January 5, 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words

Up front warning:  I'm going to torture you with many pictures!

Today my 3 year old decided she wanted her 6 year old sister to carry her.  They both thought this was hilarious and my older daughter lugged my younger one all around the house this afternoon!
Sweet sisters!!

My 4 year old son officially initiated our new 3 year old into the house today with a ceremonial pass through the doggie door.  

Remember when his older siblings enticed him through it?  
Here's the picture from April 2008:

Now she's a Texan for sure -- driving a pick-up truck, only not everybody in Texas gets a brother on top of their truck!

This was homework time one day this week.  My 6 year old doing real homework and my 3 year old very serious about her pretend work.  She even shushed a brother several times who dared to be too loud during all the concentrating!

Last, this picture represents some really BIG progress in the relationship between our new little girl and our dog.  We had heard before we brought her home that many children adopted from Ethiopia are terribly afraid of their new family's dog, so we expected it.  And sure enough she has been crying and wanting to be held any time the dog is around, so the dog has spent a whole lot of time in her crate these last couple of weeks.  But, there have been baby steps of progress.  In this picture, I gave the dog the command, "Shake" and our 3 year old shook her paw and gave her a treat!  I cannot describe the progress this all is!  For her to even be standing next to the dog (notice the dog is on a leash, though) without hysterics is HUGE and to be touching the dog, well, Madeline, maybe there's hope your days of doggie jail are numbered, maybe?

Happy Friday, my friends!

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  1. love to hear how well the transition is going. she actually looks a little like aregash in some of her pictures. they are both very fine-featured. she's beautiful and so are her siblings. :0)


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