Monday, July 9, 2012

Cheaper Than Ballet Lessons!

A few weeks ago, thinking our Little Girl who loves to dance would like it, my husband found a YouTube video of a Swan Lake production and played it on our TV. We were amazed at how well our little 3 year old imitated the dances when it was the first time she'd ever seen it.  And with no formal ballet lessons (ain't no ballet studios in Ethiopia, but wow, do they have some amazing dancers!)!

Here's a 22 second clip of her 20 minutes of dancing and even then we had to make her stop and get ready for bed.  Little Girl just wanted to keep on dancing!  Love her bow at the end!

We are so blessed by our tiny dancer and all the ways God shows His awesomeness through her!

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  1. that's too precious for words! She's a prodigy!

  2. she is adorable :)

  3. She's a natural - and oh so adorable! That bow she did at the end is priceless! :)

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