Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Story of My Life

Today I let the dog outside and she showed up at the backdoor minutes later, not only wet and filthy (it was another rainy day here), but also carrying a dead bird in her mouth.

Asking to come in my house with a dead bird IN HER MOUTH!

Really we've had a lot of shenanigans with this dog in the past 16 months she's lived with us, but today topped it all!

My 6 year old daughter said in a very what's-the-big-deal voice, "Mom, just open in the door and pull the bird out of her mouth."

I replied, "YOU open the door and pull the bird out of her mouth."

My 9 year old son's suggestion, "Call Dad and tell him he has to come home."

Okay, I did call my husband but just to commiserate, I could not ask him to come home for this!

It was completely disgusting, but I handled it.  I'll save you the details, just know the dog did not want to give up her prize!  And there was a comical moment when I found myself standing out on the back porch looking her in the eye and trying to reason with a goldendoodle, "Look, you just can't take that bird in the house.  You just can't."  

So, just another chapter in the story of my life titled, WHY Oh Why, Do We Have a Dog?!!


We toured a nearby ice cream factory recently.  It was a lot of fun to see how they make it and package it.  But the best part was the free ice cream at the end!  I totally expected a sample sized portion but it was a good two scoops!

The kids looked cute in the hats they handed out, too!  'Course no way would they allow me to actually get a good picture of the 4 of them wearing the hats.

And then check out the next photo opp. of my Fab Four.  Really, the following pictures are the story of my life:

Nobody's smiling, the 9 year old is holding up fingers over the 5 year old's head, and the 5 year old's choice of hand position is not because he needs to go potty, that just seems to often be his picture stance -- lovely!

At least here I caught the 5 year old adjusting his hat, but Little Girl notices what her biggest brother is doing.

So, she starts doing it too.

No idea why Little Girl busts out with the jazz hands in this picture, but that's pretty much her personality.

And now there's jumping.  Of course, there is jumping! Why wouldn't there be jumping?

"Alright, People.  I give up.  Let's go before we make any more of a scene."

Like I said, The. Story. Of. My. Life.

Very fun, very exhausting!


Happy Friday, Friends!


  1. This is why I don't have a dog, I'm sitting her thinking you should have tried this, "Okay, you're not coming in until you drop it." Then I realized you can't reason with a dog. Then I read on and saw that you gave it a go. I don't know you, but I'm proud of you!

    Rabbit ears and jazz hands. Your kids are super into non-verbal communication. :) When my son was small, we had film. We didn't know how pictures would turn out, and we only took one or two. I love the digital age, just keep taking them until one is good--but these are all good. Your true kids!

  2. So funny! Life is pretty interesting when littles and animals come into the picture!

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  4. Excellent pictures of what appears to be a grand outing. Blue Bell is the best ice cream!

  5. Haha....that is quite it ok that I'm laughing?! It IS why we blog, isn't it? To be able to laugh at ourselves in the midst of the chaos!! We would NOT be good pet owners and so we are NOT! LOL...but I will commiserate and say I'm SO sorry you had to do that!

    And such funny, and totally typical, sibling pictures! Love it.

  6. Lol! Do we have dogs as comic relief to raising children...or children as comic relief to raising a dog?? I can so relate! I loved your pictures. :) And appreciated just as much what you did NOT take a picture of, lol!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!


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