Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You know you like Pinkalicious!

I'm so thankful for my girls, and the sweet sisters they are to each other!

We went to see a children's theater production of Pinkalicious so the girls were all decked out in their pink dresses.  And my 6 year old's life-size baby doll came along, too, in her pink dress, of course!

I love that my girls love dolls so much.  It is so sweet to see them mothering their dolls!

Thankful, too, that the boys (my husband, the 9 year old, and the 5 year old) came with us to the show, not letting the fact that it was Pinkalicious deter them!  Although the 9 year old did ask as we were walking in, "Why am I coming to this show?!"  I was all, "You know you'll enjoy it!"  He kind of agreed.  But, then oh I had to laugh when we ran into a girl from his class at school in the show!  At least he can use the excuse that he was there with his little sisters!  Hee hee!  Good thing he's not a teenager to be really mortified by such an experience!


  1. What sweet pink dresses! And I love girl and baby dolls!

  2. That's so sweet. I love the matching dresses!

  3. The matching dresses are so adorable!!!

  4. I love the matching dresses too! How cute is that! I have NO idea what Pinkalicious is... but I can tell you my grandgirls would probably love that! Hee Hee! Thank you for posting!

    Simply God's Girl


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