Thursday, July 5, 2012

Parenting Highs and Lows

Today I had my 5 year old crawl way under his bunk bed and bring out all the random toys and books so I could vacuum under there.

To get him to do it, instead of asking him straight up which typically leads to resistance or whining around here these days (yes, we are working on this issue), I was all, "Wow!  Look at all those things under your bed.  You know I'm wanting to vacuum under there, but I don't think I can crawl way back by the wall and get those things.  Do you know anyone in our family that could do it?"

He said enthusiastically (meaning loudly because that's how his excited voice sounds), "I CAN!  I can do it!  I can get way back under there!"

I responded in an incredulous voice, "Really?!!  You can get all those things out?  Show me."

It was awesome!  That little dude went under 7 or 8 different times and came out with all kinds of stuff.  When he pulled out one action figure he was so happy and exclaimed, "I haven't seen him in years!"

I was amazed that with all the action figures that kid has he'd even miss one, but apparently that particular guy had long been looked for.

The 5 year old even ran out to show his 9 year old brother and the 9 year old, too, was happy to see the return of this particular little gold king guy!


My only other parenting genius this week:  One of my children got angry because I enforced a consequence for their bad behavior and that child called me a "Mean Mom!"  There was another consequence for that outburst.  But, it was still bothering me what the child had said and even though we'd talked about it, I wasn't sure he/she really understood the issue.  Later after finishing dinner that child asked, "Mom, can I have dessert?"  My reply, "I don't think mean moms give dessert."

I had to give that child a hard time and it felt better to do it through humor, and also I feel better now that I don't think that mistake will be made again any time soon!


Don't let my 2 successful parenting tactics fool you, those are pretty much it.  And then there was the extreme low parenting moment when I  tried to justify a 2nd night of skipping baths for the kids because we were out late and feeling lazy.  I actually said to my 6 year old who really wanted to bathe, "I know you didn't bathe yesterday either, but it's fine, some people only bathe once a week!"  As soon as I said it, I knew it was wrong.  My husband had to whisper that perhaps we were taking things a bit far.  So, the 6 year old was allowed to "rinse off" last night at 10:15 pm after we returned from fireworks!


I hope you all enjoyed a happy 4th of July, complete with a bath afterwards!

We had our usual fun at our little city's parade and festival.

There's nothing like a duck wearing a patriotic bandana to really get you in the spirit of our country's birthday!

Little Girl really like the llama in the petting zoo.  

We love the Llama Llama books, so there was much squealing about "Llama Llama!"

And then there was something new this year:
My boys fighting each other in the ring!

And my husband's great parenting moment as we watched the boys he yelled out because the boys were being kinda hesitant, "HIT HIM!"

"What?" my 9 year old yelled back.

"HIT YOUR BROTHER!"  my husband hollered.


May your weekend be filled with your only your finer moments!


  1. We had that boxing ring blow up game at Teen Camp one year, it was a huge "hit"

  2. "I haven't seen him in years," I love that!

    The Llama books are so cute. I read them on wegivebooks.

  3. LOL at the "Hit your brother!" comment. That would so be me. *High five* for your awesome parenting highs! I wonder if the duck dresses up for other holidays... :) Have a great weekend!

  4. And you know that MOM is short for Mean Old Mom. That's what I say sometimes. I would count your week as a win overall!

  5. "Hit your brother!" made me laugh out loud. That's a good one that I guess you don't hear very much!

  6. I love how your 5-yr-old got all the toys out from under the bed because he wanted to help you. That's precious!


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