Monday, July 16, 2012

More Proof of the Chaos

That's not a stuffed dog there on the table.

Nope, it's my real dog just resting on the table!

Not the table we eat on, it's the craft/work table, BUT STILL!!!

What in the world is she doing??!!

Do you feel the chaos?


  1. That's funny! My mom had a dog that used to jump when we first got him. He once jumped on the table I believe. And another time we left a pizza on the table and left to go get something. When we got home, we opened the pizza box and all of the toppings and some of the crust I believe was missing. I don't think he felt very good after that.

  2. Haha too funny. Seems pretty relaxed up there on the table!

  3. That's hilarious. Although, my level of upset towards Dumb Dog today is sorta ruining the humor for me at the moment.

  4. omg. I'm giggling because what else can you do?

  5. Oh yes. I steep in chaos daily, minute by minute! So cute!

  6. No worries, I found my daughter in the same spot on our table earlier today... ;)


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