Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Best Cream for Dry Skin

Skincare can be a big topic in transracial adoption, because you are caring for a child that may need a different skin care regime than you would do for your own skin and there is a learning curve to figure out what works.  I have had other moms ask me what I use to moisturize Little Girl's skin, so I thought I'd share what we use here.  

What I've found that works best to keep my black daughter's skin from getting too dry or ashy are the same 2 creams that work best for my white daughter's eczema-prone skin, only with my Ethiopian child, the lotion needs to be put on twice a day, with my other daughter we can get away with once a day.  

The 2 creams are Vanicream and CeraVe Cream.


 Now if anyone has any hair product recommendations, I'm all ears!  We have tons we've tried but the one we loved most -- Curls By Sisters Smith is no longer being sold on the Internet and I haven't found anything even close as our new go-to leave-in conditioner!

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  1. we don't have to use anything special for A's skin. i only moisturize after baths every few days, but i did find out that our reg. lotions aren't good for her (or us), now i'm just using olive oil after baths. ;)

    for moisture on her hair i've used straight shea butter with a spray of olive/coconut oil to lock the moisture in. i love Kinky Curl for her curly styles and i am trying out Baby Cakes too. the other two are form Target. and that's my scoop. ;)good luck!


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