Thursday, April 18, 2013

We do not need another pet!

The Christmas stuffed dog bone met it's demise this week . . .

Madeline puts on her innocent face and says, "What?  I don't know who made that mess!"

And her guilty face, "Okay, it was me.  But, I didn't mean to, I just got a little carried away playing!"


Apparently Madeline the dog is not pet enough around this house.  My 7 year old daughter insists she wants her very own dog, a little dog!  And she'll pay for it with her own money and take care of it and train it . . .

I casually mentioned the vet bills and cost to board the extra dog every time we go out of town.  I may have even had a vet receipt handy from a recent boarding and showed it to her.  That pretty well ended the asking for her own dog!  

But, then there's my 4 year old daughter that has decided she really wants a little pet turtle!  Where she got that, I have no idea.  We do not have any friends with turtle pets.  Honestly as a former scientist, the Salmonella aspect scares me!  But, I just said we'd talk about it when she was old enough to clean out the turtle tank by herself (which I think will conveniently be the same age she can go away to college).  Little Girl has still added the turtle to her birthday list which grows longer each day and her birthday is not until October!  I finally did have to burst that bubble today and inform her that, "You know, just because something is on your 'birthday list' doesn't mean you'll definitely get it."

It's all about setting expectations!  And not getting a turtle as a pet.


Remember when I told you that my 5 year old son blows me a kiss after he crosses homeplate in his T-ball games?  Well, I now have photographic evidence:

Good thing he's not asking for another dog or a turtle because I just might cave under the pressure of that sweetness!


 Happy Friday!


  1. That Madeline series is awesome. cherish every one of those home plate kisses mom.

  2. Madeline is gorgeous! We have two dogs so we never know who the culprit is when something gets chewed. lol

    Love the kisses :)


  3. Your kids sound like adorable characters. I'm thinking that your daughter has inherited your love for science but with animals. I love dogs but they are definitely the same amount of work as a child. I love that your son blows you a kiss. He seems like a great little guy. I hope you have a great weekend.

  4. Oh, love your dog! My little dogs get that same innocent and guilty face! Mama! They need another little doggie! :). Just kidding, our two are so expensive and we don't even pay to board them.

    I did have a pet turtle, but I don't think they last that long in captivity, then you have the death of a pet trauma!

  5. I have a four year old friend with 3 pets: a dog, a cat, and a turtle. Of course, the 12 year old and the parents do most of the upkeep. The four year old just enjoys pulling tails and knocking on the turtle shell.

  6. Madeline is gorgeous! She looks just like my old buddy Elvis who used to de-stuff his toys constantly. And get that "Who, me?" look. :)

    I love your resolve - and yes, the expectation level needs to be set early. ;)

    Love love LOVE the photographic evidence! Those are moments to cherish forever. :)

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  7. Your dog is cute and looks so innocent!


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