Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Great Joke to Play On Your Kids

Want to know a super funny, harmless joke to play on your kids?

Pick them up from school and tell them you have a special treat for them -- Brown E's.  Of course they will hear "brownies" and be so excited.  When you get home, make a big production of slowly opening the foil lid you've put on a baking pan, then bring out a brown letter E!  "Here's your brown E!"

Oh, it is so funny!  Just hilarious!  Because a few of my kids were slow coming out of the car and one detoured to play on the swings in the backyard before coming in for snack, I managed to one-by-one do the joke to each of my 4 children last Friday.  It was really funny to see each of their individual reactions!  And the kids that were now in on the joke had fun watching their siblings fall for it!

My 10 year old son thought it was the funniest thing ever!  

My 7 year old daughter was the most mad:
The 7 year old:  "Hey!  You said you had brownies, THAT'S NOT A BROWNIE!"  
Me:  "Well, what color is it?"  
The 7 year old: "brown."  
Me:  "And what letter is it?"
The 7 year old reluctantly, "E".
Me:  "So it is a BROWN E!"

She did come around and saw the humor, though!

Because I'm not a totally mean mom, I did really have a pan of brownies hidden away ready to offer them once the Brown E fun died down!

On Monday, I packed each of the 3 kids that go to big school, a construction paper brown E in their lunch box because they wanted to play the little joke on their friends at lunch, "Hey do you want my brown E?"

They had fun playing the joke on their friends!  My kindergartener said one of the cafeteria workers saw him do the joke to his friend and she started laughing!  And my brave 4th grader played the Brown E joke on his teacher, luckily she thought it was funny, too!

So, spread the laughter -- who could you play the brown E joke on?

Do you know of any other good jokes/pranks we could enjoy -- good clean fun where nobody gets hurt?


  1. LOL! That's so funny!! Says a lot about your family that the kids took it so well! :) I once offered my then "only-a-friend" (now hubby) a kiss. We lived in England, and he didn't know about Hershey's kisses. My family had just returned from a trip back to the States, and I had a private stash of them. He got really excited when I made the offer since he liked me more than just a friend. Imagine his disappointment when I placed the chocolate "kiss" in his hand instead of his cheek or lips. LOL! We still laugh about it now -- 24 years later. And he did turn around and play the same joke on a friend -- a guy -- whose eyes popped out of his head at the offer. The chocolate "kiss" relieved his embarrassment.

  2. AHAHAHAHA! That is funny! I am totally going to play that prank on Princess Nagger - and I bet she'll want to play it on her friends (and/or teacher) at school, too. Thanks for the laugh! :)

    WW: Dorky Cat


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