Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Baby Boy Turns Six!

Two days before his sixth birthday he lost his first tooth!

Tomorrow my 3rd child, the one who was supposed to stay a baby forever, will turn 6!

How can that be?

I feel certain he should still look like this:

And spend all of his time doing things like this:

 NOT losing teeth, riding a bike without training wheels, and reading!!

At least he still gives the BEST hugs, always has!

In fact, just tonight he thought we all needed hugging lessons from him the expert hugger.

Big brother's lesson:

 Sweet, sweet Six Year Old, never forget how loved you are 

and that you'll ALWAYS be MY baby no matter how big you get!


  1. Awwwwww...I think every birthday gets a bit more traumatic. Gah they grow so fast...but it is a blessing. They're growing :)
    Happy Birthday little dude.

  2. Happy birthday to him! My oldest is turning seven next week and that is making me feel sad enough. I don't want to think about the possibility of #4 turning six! :( Hope the whole family has an awesome day!


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