Thursday, April 11, 2013

One Big Life

Tonight we had my 2nd grade daughter's school musical, it was very cute.  I've loved seeing my shy girl blossom and branch out of her comfort zone some this school year.  Aside from the musical, this week she also did the announcements over the loud speaker in the morning at her school along with 2 other classmates.  Last year she didn't volunteer when given the opportunity.  This year her teacher didn't give her a choice (which I'm so happy about), and my girl ended up having fun doing it.  She said next year she'd willingly volunteer!


When my 4 year old little girl goes to a party, she does it up big, I tell you!  Here she is post-party last weekend:


We've had some strange weather lately with some near-summer-like days right next to still-need-your-coat kind of days.  Sometimes all in the same day!  Yesterday the temperature dropped 20 degrees right at mid-day, which meant my kids were sent to school in shorts and needed coats (which they didn't have) at pick-up time!

But we are enjoying the pretty, spring days when we get them.  Some reading and writing at the outside table:

Last Saturday night we camped in our local city park for the annual "Tents in Town" night.  It's like camping without all the work plus a mega-party.  You still have to set up your tent, but then you get everything else provided to you!  For dinner, breakfast and even smore's and ice cream you go through a buffet line.  Then there are jumpy things, a live band, games, nature demonstrations, and star gazing through telescopes -- the kids have a blast!

My 5 year old son loved this activity and spent so much time there.  In fact it was quite a hit with many of the boys.  Cars and tracks.  Pretty simple, really, but huge entertainment!


I am hoping for a bit more rest this weekend.  Although with a swim meet, a t-ball game, and an adoption class, all in addition to church, that's not likely!

Happy Friday, Friends!


  1. What boy wouldn't love it?? I wish I thought of it when mine were younger. Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!!

  2. Tents in town sounds like loads of fun. I know that the US has been having weather weirding. We have had weird stuff, too. A mild earthquake this week, as well as wildfires and smoke most days. I hope you find some rest.

  3. That's so cool your 2nd grader had fun doing a musical - it took Princess Nagger until this year (4th grade) to finally get over her shyness about performing in public to audition and participate in one - now she's hooked. ;)

    Your 4 year old is adorable in her party mode! :)

    That Tents In Town thing sounds cool! The hubby might be up for doing something like that, since his idea of 'roughing it' is a cheap motel. ;) I, on the other hand, grew up in a family of camping fanatics, so I love it. Baby steps for the hubby. :)

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  4. Love that camping at the neighborhood park idea! Sometimes the simple things are much more fun for kids.


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