Thursday, April 25, 2013

Saying It Again and Again and Again

Last Friday, I had the post, We do not need another pet!  Then, Saturday morning a bird flew right smack into our back window.  I heard it hit and looked outside and sure enough, there he was lying on the patio just outside the back door.  He was breathing, but otherwise pretty motionless.  The kids came running to see and insisted that I needed to help the bird.  "Bring him inside, Mama!"

I do what I always do in these types of situations, I consulted my good friend, Google.  I typed "bird flew into window" and instantly had all kinds of advice!  I decided to go with the easiest option, "Observe the bird for a few minutes and keep predators away, it may just be stunned."  We watched and watched.  Two children grew tired of watching (one was away at a friend's house where he'd spent the night) but one child set up vigil just inside the window for the bird, and I began to worry that she was just going to watch the bird die.  I prayed for healing for the bird, got tired of watching it myself, and set to unloading the dishwasher.  Lo and behold a few minutes later, the bird was standing up!

It was a little miracle!  That poor bird just stood there for a good 15 minutes still trying to recover from the impact with the window and finally he started hopping around and hopped off into the yard.  We watched him until he hopped out of sight, hopefully he was able to fly again.   And I reiterate that we do NOT need another pet!  Besides, Google informed me that it's illegal to keep a wild bird as a pet, now the kids can't argue with that reason!


Monday at noon I picked up Little Girl from preschool and the whole way home she jabbered on about her class guinea pig and how cute it was and how much she liked it.  I knew it was coming, and sure enough, she said, "Mama, I'm going to ask for a guinea pig for my birfday.  A guinea pig and that's all.  That's all I want for my birfday!"

Good thing her birthday is not until October!  Here's to hoping she forgets about the guinea pig because if I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times, "We do not need another pet!"


Tuesday afternoon the kids caught a love bug and the 7 year old named him "Bobby".  I had a time explaining exactly why it was called a "love bug".

I had to Google "What do love bugs eat" and then the kids stuffed the bug habitat with leaves and flowers.  

Bobby was with us a whole 24 hours until I suggested he should probably be set free because, "You know he'll be happier if he's free,"  I told the kids while I secretly thought to myself, "We do not need another pet!"


Want to know why we do not need another pet?

Because there is plenty of chaos with just the one dog we have!  Here's a glimpse of one morning this week:

What is going on there?

The kids are brushing their teeth in the half-bath that is just before they head out the backdoor for school.  Only Madeline the Goldendoodle LOVES to drink water fresh from the faucet.  She jumps up with her front paws on the sink and someone helps her drink by cupping their hand under the stream of water!

But, seriously, the chaos!  Let me zoom out and just give you another perspective of the scene in this tiny bathroom:

 And yes, the 5 year old is standing on the toilet lid.  I keep a set of kid toothbrushes in the cabinet over the toilet so they don't have to run back upstairs after breakfast.  The little kids climb up to get their toothbrushes down, which explains why there are often shoe prints on my toilet!

Clearly, we do not need another pet of any kind, but at least the dog we have can read (if you missed the video here's a link)!

Happy Friday!  And I'd love to hear about the strangest pet you've had.


  1. poor little sparrow had quite a birdy concussion

  2. You at least need to get yourselves a couple of kittens and another dog. They will keep each other entertained.

  3. Your dog is precious, as is the shot of all of them trying to brush their teeth. My dog, all 102 lbs of him, is terrified of running water or the swimming pool.

  4. Oh, man, we have two dogs, a cat and an empty nest and that's too many pets! :)

    What was the love bug doing without his love? Of course, that would be even harder to explain so YIKES!

  5. If you do get another pet (and I know you really don't need one, but you never know) make sure it as cute as the kids and pet you already have.

  6. We need a toilet in the kitchen so I can get soup off the top shelf. Your morning bathroom scene is precious, yes chaotic, but precious all the same.

    I think the oddest pet I ever had was a fish. I had a 10-gallon fresh water aquarium and was attracted to the odd fish. I had a frog, a newt and a loach, which is sort of a little eel. I also had swordfish which I found out are live bearers because one day I saw cute tiny baby fish. It was watching the cute little baby fish approach his mama when I also found out that swordfish eat their young. I did a lot of old-school look up fish stuff at the library that day!

    Just after I graduated from high school my brother and his girlfriend bought me a gerbil. They'd seen a couple of them doing the nasty in the pet store and decided to come back later to pick one for me so they had some privacy. Guess which one I ended up with? At least gerbils don't eat their young, but yeesh I've had some luck with biology lessons in the form of pets!

  7. I wouldn't think a guinea pig would be much trouble. I'm cheering on your daughter on this one!

  8. We don't need another pet either but I just saw that the humane society is so over-full that it's having a no-fee adoption weekend. It's SO tempting!
    I bet that poor bird had a killer headache!


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